Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings

You are all such a kind and supportive bunch. I don't write very much here but I do read the posts and find they have been very supportive and uplifting after losing my dear Husband to PF earlier this year. I would like to wish you all a very warm and peaceful Christmas, good health and happiness for 2015.

I've been keeping myself busy engrossed in my hobby (photography) and would like to share a photo I've taken with a few added tricks in photoshop.

Wishing you all a breath easy Christmas.

Lyn xxx

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a lovely photo Lyn, a very angelic face on the wee girl.

i am sorry you had lost your husband such a short time ago, but glad your enjoying your hobby in photography.

thank you for your kind thoughts.

May you have a peaceful, christmas, good health and happiness this coming new year .

Kindest regards jimmy xxx

Thank you Jimmy...just send some of your snow down to South Wales and I'll be happy. We didn't get any last year.

Who knows Lyn, you might just have a white christmas :) as long as its a happy one, that's the main thing :)

kindest wishes for a white christmas ,, jimmy xx :)

Thank you Jimmy xx

Hi there what a lovely photo and so pleased you are able to bring us pleasure with your photography, I hope you are able to enjoy your Christmas and hope we are able to see more of your work. I have a favourite saying and thats Keep smiling. Regards Fred xx.

Thats a very good saying Fred....I'll do that. Thank you xx

fabulous photo and Merry Xmas to you :)

Thank you eyes, a very Merry Xmas to you too. :-D

Your photo is beautiful! I am so sorry you lost your husband earlier this year and send you all good wishes for a peaceful and happy Christmas and New Year. Xris x

You're very kind, thank you Xris x

What a lovely photo Lyn and you are very talented. Wishing you all the best for Christmas and a peaceful New year. Bless you. xxxx

Bless you back sassy...wishing you a lovely Christmas too. Thank you xxx

I agree stunning photo Lyn. I wish you a safe, happy and healthy Christmas and 2015. Best wishesxxx

Thank you kindly jenss...wishing you all the very best for yourself too. xxx

Every has said it all ready. It is a lovely picture and I hope you enjoy your holidays . Sorry you have lost your husband so recently.

Thank you kindly tinamg. Wishing you a happy holiday too.

A beautiful photograph. This must be a difficult time for you, I hope you have a peaceful Christmas. xxx

You're very kind....thank you so much. Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas.

Thank you so much for the kind wishes Lyn and they are returned to you wholeheartedly. It's now some years since I lost my Other Half - I feel he really was just that - but every "first" is the worst be it Anniversary, Birthday or Christmas. Your lovely picture is proof that you are still able to soldier on and enjoy your interests and that is half the battle; I am from your neck of the woods too, so not holding my breath for a white Christmas but it will probably be a soggy solstice as usual! Wishing you Peace and Joy and Strength for the coming year - and send us some more lovely pics.

Thank you so much Dragonmum xxx

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