Huge congratulations to Nottingham West BE for this brilliant video

Check this vid out - it was forwarded to me by someone in our Canterbury BE group.

It must have been such fun to make - everyone's enjoyment comes shining through, best possible advert for benefits of exercise.

Good breathing people!

ps editing to try to make the link work but if it doesn't this time, please copy and paste :)

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  • Great isn't it. BLF comms posted it two days ago. I personally think that not enough people could have seen it because there were very few replies. Hope more folk watch it this time. It is BRILLIANT

  • I wondered if it had been on - i hadn't seen it so thought i'd put it on anyway. Its so full of life. Thanks for your reply Rib.

  • GREAT video :):) thanks so much for posting it up O2

  • Hey Sohara, how you doing? Nice to hear from you, hope all ok with you :)

  • O2 I am fine..still marveling in the miracle that is called Azithromycin :) :)

    Bit concerned about the comment I read where you said you were not feeling that good, in one of your recent posts...was going to message you to enquire about that...are YOU OK sweet O2 ?

  • Thanks for asking Sohara. My lovely doc who is off on holiday next week phoned late last night to give me X-ray result. Nothing sinister she said but looks like there is still some infection, which would make sense of the abnormal s.o.b-ness. I feel extraordinarily well when I'm just sitting down, not depressed or anything like that, but soon as i go out even with the oxygen i have to stop every 50 yards. So hoping new ABs will work.

    So glad you are happily in miraculous Azith-land, long may this continue.

    We must manage to meet up again - prob new year now. Love to you, xx :)

  • hi 02trees, its strange you cant get you tube links ? i have copied it , and will try find it later :) it sounds good anyway :) ,, regards jimmy

  • Why would that be Jimmy? I can't figure it. Occasionally it does work, then not for a while. Don't know if its them or me ;) You take care Jimmy

  • It is brilliant they all have so much fun, I have passed this on to several of our Breathe Easy members and they in turn will pass it on to others. Well done. :-)

    polly xx

  • Cheers polly - your dog looks gorgeous btw :)

  • I have tried...many times.....Just cant seem to find this video on

    You tube........where am I going wrong


  • Doesn't it work when you copy and paste my link?

  • Thanks great video and as you see they seemed to have a ball making it..xx

  • They did didn't they? ;)

  • Hi O2Trees, I would love to see this video and have tried the link, then copying & pasting it but still can't get it. Is there another title under which I could find it on YouTube?

    xx stillmovin1

  • Hi stillmovin - I've copied the live link off the email i was sent, which i used to view it.

    Hope this works better, but you could contact BLF who Rib told me posted this a couple of days before i did (which i never saw, i can be a bit part time on here :) )

    I'll try a youtube search and see what that brings up. West Nottingham Breathe Easy video should bring something up. if i find something i'll post it :)

  • Back again: I used the link to get there and the vid on youtube is titled "Breathless - Breathe Easy" so you could google that. Cant help with the link as its working for me, and is the same as what shows up in my browser when it is playing.

    Also I was wrong that it was just West Nottingham BE who made it - the quote below on the youtube site shows how it was made. Amazing really :) I think it was the W.Nott group who sent it.

    "This video has been made by Nottingham Breathe Easy groups to show important messages for patients with a lung condition. It shows people having fun in an exercise class, Breathe Easy group and a BLF big breakfast. Even a respiratory professor, consultant and local mayor take part!"

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