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Hi all I am brand new to this forum, my name is Peter and I suffer from COPD and just recovering from pneumonia, not good at age of 75.

I have just started to take Manuka honey 16+ UMF r, and thought it worth pointing out for Manuka Honey to be affective you must buy the genuine product, this is marked UMF with the strength eg 16+the UMF will have an R in a circle, it should also show the licence number of the producer and state bottled and packed in New Zealand. Some Manuka honey may show 16+ active or have TA on the label this is not the same as the genuine health giving properties of UMF r, which is the registered trade mark of Manuka Honey. Please note genuine Manuka honey under 5 will not show the registered trade mark as this has the same properties of non healing Honeys, for best results try for a minimum of 10+ or above. I hope people will find this post helpful if they are thinking of trying Manuka Honey.


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  • Thank you Peter, good information. We often discuss Manuka honey on here: some swear by it some don't (maybe they are not trying the real thing?). I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to having you around. Best wishesxx

  • Thank you for your Good wishes, Manuka Honey is not some miracle cure, it helps in recovery and heps prevent further infection, you will never be able to do the things you were once used to, but Manuka will help in your wellbeing x

  • I am a. Believer ! Always seems to hep, wishing you a speedy recovery. Thanks for clarifying about the differnt products etc. TAD xx

  • Thanks for your good wishes x

  • Where is it you get, your manuka honey from, please?

  • hope this helps

  • I stick to 25+ may be a tad expensive but worth it in the long run and my doc backs me up on the use of this

  • Agree very expensive but what's our health worth, I can't really afford it but by cutting down on other things helps me to carry on

  • Hello and welcome aboard PeterM. Sorry to hear you've had Pneumonia, I've read on here it take a good while to recover from it fully. We'll keep you company while you get better. x

  • Thank you for your kind thoughts Peter x

  • Hi Peter hope you feel better soon. Can you tell me how much Manuka you take. I take 25+ but not sure how much I should take daily. Best wishes x

  • Hi, there was a good article on Manuka and other honeys in The a Times very recently.

    It suggested taking a teaspoonful first thing in the morning because it works better when the stomach is empty.

    Personally I take 15+, a coffee spoonful, 1 daily to tick over in the winter, more often if I feel dodgy..... If I feel really dodgy then I get out my 20 or 25+ which I keep for 'emergencies.

    Since I started taking 18 months ago ive been really well.

  • Hi I do much the same seem to work for me, I am glad you are keepin well

  • Hi I take a teaspoon in the morning for general well being but if I catch a cold or get chesty I then take a teaspoon before meals until I am feeling better.

    I have read that some people take half teaspoon three times a day hope this helps you

    Peter x

  • Hello Petermichael and welcome. Thanks for your advice. Can you tell me where you get ,your honey. I use manuka every day- 2 teaspoons. I use 30+ Amh but my pot isn't packed in New Zealand nor does it have the R you mention although it does say 'certified origin'. Mine is from Manuka Doctor.

  • the real McCoy should have there licence no as well my suplier licence no is 1033, this is bottled and packed in New Zealand, shipped to the agent that is in Surry they use post office to send order, takes between 3 to 4 working days to arrive.

    People don't realise there is more so called Manuka Honey sold in the uk than the bees actually produce that says it all , another mith there is no such thing as a Manuka bee,

    Just ordinary Honey bees that collect from the Manuka plant in the Eastern Cape

    Hope this is helpful


  • Thank you for the info Peter I'm using ManukaPharm and there is an R after the name in a little circle. I think I use a bit more than the amount some of the people Have stated and I enjoy it. Hope I'm not over doing it. Take care and all the best to you.

  • That's ok the registered trademark that's the r and you should be safe


  • Where can I get some that's the real thing. I am fro maine and up here know one heard of it. My email. Thank you

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