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Blue Badge horror

I am devastated, dreadfully upset and extremely angry. I have lifelong bronchiectasis, exacerbated by AF and tachicardia. I have had a Blue Badge since 1998. Now Warwick Council have refferred me for independent mobility assesment! My badge is due to run out next week. I reapplied weeks ago and now they tell me that I will have to attend an assesment centre on the other side of Coventry in not less than 28 days. Without my Blue Badge I can go nowhere and how the heck they think that I am going to get myself to some place I don't know on the other side of Coventry is beyond me.This is all because I do not claim money from the state and the idiots who write the computer criteririor have no idea what it is like to live with our problems.

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have you applied for mobility allowance. If not then that's why you are probably being asked to go for an assessment. All authorities are trying to reduce blue badge abuse. I am on top rate mobility and had no problem with renewing my badge. Hope this helps

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thanks Mike. I have never applied for any mobility allowances because I am fortunate enough to be able to support myself from investments and do not believe in taking money fromthe state which could benefit others. Now I am being penalised for it.

That's the trouble. I never took a penny until you had to prove you needed help even like you've just discovered applying for a blue badge. Good luck with the assessment

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Reply to them ...so many individuals who do not have a clue what day it is ,working in those places, tell them you cannot do that!!remember I have a badge (thick) that's why I can't do what you are asking. ( idiot).

thanks colours. Yes they are too thick to figure that out. Also so tardy that they are going to leave me without a badge whilst they muck about. The problem is that warwick have now ditched all responsibility now that they have sent it on to the assessment people and there is nobody I can talk to until they get in touch with me. Meanwhile I am getting reports frommy consultants. I sent intwo pages of medical information and drug lists with my renewal and their criterior is so useless that the computer didn't recognise it.

I feel for you Stillstanding and hope that you do get your Blue Badge renewal very, very soon. Tell them you will gladly attend the assessment but will have to go by Taxi which you will be charging to them as you cannot possibly afford it. See what reaction that gets. Best of luck to you. xxxx

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thanks so much for your support. It looks as though I will be forced to apply for mobility allowance so that I can prove I need a Blue Badge. Ridiculous and a waste of public money

I just had to apply to my local council for a new blue badge (I started with the orange) and they rung me up and gave me the 5th degree, in the end I was so out of breath I apologized and hung up, now when dealing with officials I always ask their name and number, the main question was I was in a nursing home why do I need a blue badge? I replied "ye gods there is life outside these walls and there are people from the church willing to take me out" I just did not think it fair on those kind people to pay parking fees or fines when they try to get their vehicle nearer the door of the building I am about to go in. I just passed this over to the manager she rang them and the next day some one rang me and said they had a meeting of the board and I got OK'd for a badge.

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Thank you Ant. I am already breathless with the stress. The trouble is that those making the decisions are so ignorant and wield too much power

Hi, I almost had the opposite problem. I was initially told that I didn't qualify for a bus pass because I didn't have a Blue Badge. I explained the obvious to them - that I didn't have a blue badge because I didn't have a car, and that if I did have a car and blue badge I would hardly be applying for a bus pass in the first place! In order to get a pass I had to go to an interview at the library of all places! I had to answer upteem questions and have a passport style photo taken - by them - they don't trust the photo booth one's apparantly! I also had to bring in two proofs of identity - and yes you've gussed it - they wanted to see my driving license (!?) as well as my passport. This caused another problem as I had not replaced my expired passport :( After much haggling we sttled on alternative 'proofs of identity' (and no they wouldn't accept my Library card despite being a member of their library since 2000!). In short, it was far harder to get my 'disabled' bus pass than it was to open a new bank account or to get my new passport when I finally renewed it this year. Throughout the entire process I was treated likesome kind of 'upstart' for even asking about the bus pass - despite it being visibly obvious that I was on oxygen. You have my sympathy!


oh Parvati, we are at the mercy of such ignorant idiots. Worse, there doesn't seem to be anybody to fight our corner or advise us. Those making the decisions do not realise that we need the Blue Badge because we are not capable of juing through all of the hoops that they are forcing us to do

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It is a Goverment directive that, not only do you have to under go an assement, it as to be done by an independent body and not by the council.

But the council can veto this if they are satisfied with the supplied prove, which you have done.

I am on higher rate motobility , so applied on line very smooth and easy apart from I have to collect the badge in person, the office is in the middle of town in a paved area, no vehicle assess. I phone to ask if they would post it out to me, because it was done online they want to see me. Apparently to stop abuse, but i can send a complete stranger to collect on my behalf. as long as I sign to agree.

A taxi is £16 pound round trip non refundable.

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it looks as though I will be forced to apply for whatever over 64s get as mobility allowance, just to keep mt Blue Badge. Even with your problems they seem to make it as difficult as possible. Thank you for supporting me.



You will have to apply for PIP before you are 65 in order to recieve mobilty allowance , after 65 you can only claim AA attendance allowance no mobility is included.


Hello stillstanding63, its a pain in the neck the new rules for blue badges, I think if you have had one for several years you should not have to have assessments under the new rules. But that is what the powers that be say it's so unfair that it is easier to get one if you are receiving disability allowances, that's how I get mine but I don't use a car I am registered with ring and ride. I can't even hold a driving licence due to sight defect. It is only a concession for parking and all this regulation makes it costly to administer for such a small concession. It is just like some of the DWP payments they cost more to administer with very little benefit to the recipient now I am getting political and off the subject. Hope you get your badge after going through an assessment good luck.

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hi Katie

thanks for replying to me.I now discover that over 64s no longer get any disability allowance. Only AA which has no mobility element so just when their conditions and disabilities are worsening people cannot qualify for automatic renewal of their Blue badge. My assessment centre is miles away and it is because I have the problems which reqire a Blue Badge that i shall be unable to get there. What is this government thinking of.

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Hi I am so sorry to hear of the problems you are having with officialdom and red tape - ridiculous. Is it possible they could visit you at home instead if you are unable to get out? Or could someone else take you? I hope you manage to get what you need and deserve from the barstewards. Take care.


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yes, reading the problems that others have with these petty little ignoramouses. Just the people who don'tneed it! Thanks so much for your support.

Had to laugh at Colours reply. Sometimes it seems the lunatics are running the asylum.

It would be an idea to write to them though and tell them about your problems in getting to the assessment. They really do need to realize one size does not fit all!

Best of luck.


Sorry to hear, of your problem with your blue badge, surely they should allow you to use it till the date of assessment. Do your lo cal authority not have a welfare department that deal with peoples problems?. Otherwise a call to citizens advise bureau may result in them acting for you. As for the actual assessment I don't think you need worry,, my husband went for one and was asked questions by a occupation therapist,who then took him for a short walk along a corridor . he got his blue badge. Much better than the old system where they consulted your GP. I have bouts of severe back pain which affects how I walk.my GP decided not to bother filling in the form at the time(the council told me and were chasing it). 4 months later a letter from the council said I was refused as I wasn't considered disabled enough. Hope you have the right outcome. Joyce

I applied online with local council on behalf of a friend (first time user), sent letter that night with photo, ID and payment. Thought she would have to have an assessment, lo and behold Blue Badge arrived 2 weeks later no problem at all, she had applied for PIP but as yet is still waiting for an appt for an assessment-3 months on, so it not a quick fix to apply for state benefit to get Blue Badge. I would suggest Citizens Advice a good place to start. I hear they are very good at supporting people to obtain the support they need. I wish you good luck in your trials!!!

Hi Joyce,

Thank you for sharing your experience. This incident has thrown up the fact that the Blue Badge system is a complete mess with arbitrary decisions being made by people who have very little knowledge of medical conditions. We as tax payers are paying out millions for these so called independent mobility assessment firms to decide who gets a badge when accurate details, kept by the issuing council would save the money wasted on assessing long standing badge holders. That would be too simple though.

thanks Joyce,

your reply serves to illustrate my comments on the arbitrary and varied decision making.

News for everybody. After sending a very angry email to Warwick Council with the information that both of my consultants were writing in my support and informing tham that if they wanted to assess me they would have to send a taxi. I received an email in response. Suddenly they say that I was mis informed and have not been invited for an assessment. Also that a decision should be made today. So fingers crossed and watch this space. What a farce.

I applied for my badge after being put on oxygen, also was told to go for assessment and when I got there they could not understand why I had been sent! Said the council was daft, it was obvious that I needed the badge as I was on the oxygen!

that is really funny. But needs addressing because local authorities in their ignorance are making more problems for people whom they should be supporting.

I am with Warwick County Council as well and at the time did not have ESA or PIP but had a blue badge. (I have ESA now) However I filled in all the forms and then accompanied this with all my medical letters from consultants. Becuase I was not on PIP I was asked to go to Nuneaton but this was 8 weeks after my badge ran out and would be over the winter time when I really need a car! I called them up and went though my conditions etc. And she said she does not see why I was refused but will look into it again. It was 2 weeks later I had a call from the supervisor who apologised as they had me mixed up with some else? I will be getting my badge on the due date! Most Councils now have to seal with their own area and comes from their budget so they all decided they would use the DLA/PIP mobility as a way around it but not taking in the factors of you and I into it. Who just want support!

Call them again!

Be Well

Thanks offcut. You just confirmed that they are lazy and ignorant and simply not engaged with their function- to support us. I call them Warwick non customers services department. I am now waiting for a decision today after sending them an email yesterday. Suddenly they are not sure that I need to have an assessment. I have also emailed my MP. watch this space for the decision. I am now going to look into what benefits I can claim being 64 that may make me qualify automatically for myrenewal.

Hi stillstanding. There's no point in applying for mobility allowance if you're over 65 - because you won't get it. The only allowance you can apply for after that age is for personal assistance, and you'll only get that if you're nearly on your last legs i.e: Can't wash/dress yourself etc., They reckon that decrease in mobility comes with age and you should accept it!? Fair play to you for not claiming from the state, this country would be in a better way if there were more like you! I had some new neighbours a couple of years ago, both in their forties and both on disability. She had a new car issued to her every year, and their house was like a palace inside. The endless queue of deliveries to their door every day was jaw dropping. He supposedly had a "bad back", but it never stopped him from lifting heavy paving stones from the front to the back of the house and landscaping the large garden. They never lived there very long as I suspect someone sussed them - not me, I hasten to add!

I too have just been sent the form to renew my blue badge. The part I liked was "Has your disability improved since your last application?" Duh! "No, that's why I had a blue badge in the first place. In fact, it's worse!" Who the hell writes these forms? Obviously someone who hasn't the slightest notion what they're talking about!

That's my moan for today, I feel better now. Lol.

Good luck with your application, don't let the b******s grind you down.

everything you said is so true and to use the allowances as criteria fot granting a Blue Badge is totally wrong. To get the allowances you have to need supervision doing daily tasks. We just need access to the shops, theatre etc.The things that make life worth living before we descend into the world of 24 hr carers.

I'm also with Warwickshire and although I don't claim any benefits I have never had any problems getting my badge. I'm worried now as my badge expires in 2015 and I'd be completely lost without it. Why is it so difficult to distinguish between those genuinely in need and those who seek to abuse the benefits/disability system?

When I first applied for my badge I was told because I did not claim benefits I would not get one the lady from the council who called to tell me this got a right ear full and agreed to send me for a assessment.

I went to see this physiotherapist I told her I was due to have my first spine block she asked for proof of this which I showed her the letter from the hospital, I then went to tell her I had COPD 2 days later I had a blue badge.

It makes me so angry and now I don't automatically get a blue badge I have to keep reapplying for it what are these people { pen pushers as my husband calls them } on

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absolutely, it's a disgrace. They should be made to walk around breathing through a narrow straw to find out how it feels before they make decisions about our lives.

Unfortunately a lot of people voted in this Tory government,they have no regard for the disabled or the less well off.I have no time for people who fiddle the system but to throw the dishes out with the dishwater is pointless and only costs more in the long run.This lot have wasted millions because of their misplaced idealism.We can only hope that sense prevails come the election.I don,t apologise for making this political ,it is entirely political.I was refused my blue badge because the assessor had no understanding of Copd only getting it with intervention from my GP.Goodluck,regards D.

Hi Farmer, I quite agree with you about the total waste of money. Now, instead of using their common sense local authorities are passing anyone not on mobility allowances on to these private assessment companies. For which we are paying. IIf you look at information websites these 'assessors' are physios, occupational therapists and occavsionally doctors . They have had 2 weeks training, mostly in how to use the computer system. As knowledge of bronchiectasis among members of the medical fraternity is even more dire than knowledge of copd what chance do we stand with these people?

Try not to panic yet. A friend of mine had the same situation and she was in a dreadful state, but she managed to get someone out to her house to assess her and she was given the badge again. I do wish you all the very best. Like you, I just wouldn't be able to go anywhere without it. Take care :)

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