feeling better lately with medication (spiriva and atrovent inhalers ) but after a 30 second or so coughing fit this morning i am left completely exhausted, does anyone else get this tired after a coughing fit?i just feel like i could sleep for hours, obviously i cant because of daily life, work etc so i plough through my day feeling drained of all energy.

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  • My husband is floored by coughing fits - yes they leave him exhausted. Hope you have a better day TAD xx

  • thankyou Tad, just knowing others have the same problem makes me feel less alone

  • My hubby Pete is tired all the time and sometimes finds it very hard to function. Coughing fits leave him exhausted and I think some of the drugs he takes play a part in his tiredness. Wishing you well and hope you feel more energised today. xxxx

  • thankyou sassy

  • Hi susanc1961,theres nothing like a coughing fit to knock the stuffing right out of you unfortunately.I always run to the cough sweets and covonia original which helps the tickle if its one of those tickle coughs.If Im coughing and cant bring up what is there, if I lie back a second then sit up again it somehow releases it helping and Im able to breathe properly again.We all have our ways of dealing with the dreaded coughing fits what works for one doesnt someone else.

    Hope you dont mind be being nosey couldnt help but notice you are taking both Spiriva and Atrovent,Iam assuming there are special circumstances ,as normally this combination would be avoided as there is a possible moderate interaction between them.Im sure theres a good reason was only worried incase you had been put on Spiriva to take the place of atrovent like most but was concerned that the doc might not have cancelled the Atrovent.Sorry for interfering. Goodluck with your coughing and takecare. :) Janexx

  • thankyou for the reply longlungs, i was up and making a cuppa and the cough comes from nowhere with no warning , i cant breath so no chance of drinking anything or drawing a breath. i had no idea the two types of inhaler were not suited , i use the spiriva once a day in a dry powder capsule and the other to use four times a day and when needed. i will ask the doc about this. thanks again

  • susanc1961 I am in the same position ,My coughing fits leave me really exhausted,I have to push myself to do anything,Husband doesn't do anything to help me,I feel totally alone but we have to carry on.

  • im sorry that your hubby doesnt help you . i dont think people realize how it makes you feel, it also makes you feel frightened and panicy , its not a normal cough if it was at least you would know it would go eventually

  • I always have cough sweets to hand, don't leave the house without them, Chris xx

  • Hi , you are not alone - join the Club ! , I have the same trouble at times, especially when I am really producing alot of mucus, which seems to be about every four weeks or so, I, ( if you'll forgive the English expression , I call them my MONTHLYS !!!) - - you seem to use up all the breath you have just getting the dam stuff up, even with taking pills to soften it all, but what a relief when it is all up !, - I just try and relax for a little while after a good session of "Throwing up " thats the only way I know how to cope with it - Good luck ....

  • "A Potter's Herbals Cough Remover" - excellent to stop coughing! :)

  • Yes, coughing is exhausting! I am finding that I feel tired an awful lot lately, even when I am not coughing....I hate it, as I want to do things, and just can't seem to find the energy. My son keeps saying "don't worry about it, your body obviously needs sleep" - but I don't want to spend my life sleeping. I do try very hard to push myself, but sometimes I just crash out. I am assuming we all have different things happening at different times.....just wish the fatigue would help me sleep at night, rather than during the day :( Hope you are feeling brighter and less tired now....Cheers :)

  • thankyou louisiana i do feel alot better today and the good thing is it is saturday, although i work till dinnertime i can relax this afternoon.

  • have a lovely day :) :)

  • yes every morning .Coughing and spluttering lol .Some times late at night

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