Drug trial - Visit 3

Hallo to all those interested in my drug trial, now don't be confused as I know I said the last visit (13th October) was Visit 3 but I was wrong that was Visit 1, I was counting the first visit, the Screening Visit, as Visit 1 when in fact it was Visit 0 (confused, I know I am because where the heck is Visit 2!!!). Anyway, this visit was quite an easy one, blood test, spirometry, sputum both before and after spirometry, and 6 minute walk test. All my vital signs were normal and as it was such a lovely day I quite enjoyed the trip along the A14, it was a bit windy going but great coming back, wish it was like that every time I go to Papworth. Take care everyone. Love Lizzy x

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  • Haha how funny Lizzy with the missing visit.Sounds like quite a pleasant day out this time.Will look forward to hearing the next installment.Are you keeping well? hope so. Takecare now :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane, thanks for your post. Glad you found my post amusing. When I got home yesterday I developed a terrible cold, my daughter, husband and grandchildren have had it so it's done the rounds and ended with me, with a bit of luck it will soon go and I'll be back to my usual self. Hope you are keeping well. Take care, Lizzy x

  • Just curious if you saw any difference in your spirometry results or the six minute walk test? I know it hasn't been that long but was curious if you saw any changes/improvements?

  • I'm following you on this update,

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