NHS great programme

The NHS is doing well inpromoting it "from couch to 5 K". There's also a new programme I didn't see yet: Strength and flexibility. There's an explanation and podcasts to downlaod. There are also a sequence of video clips. here's the reference. I hope you feel inspire to do good for your body with these easy to do exercises.


Here's the programme with explanation and podcasts.


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hi shall try this . any thing that helps . have grand daughter coming over later ,she will show me how to put on me phone . lol x x x

Hi Bill, that's what grandchildren are for! Lovely idea! cheers, Mic

Thanks for this info. .....looks good.


budgiesmom, yes, especially, as I checked the video clips which are good, you only need a chair or ... a tree! Cheers, Mic

Hi Helingmic

Thanks for the links. Some of the exercises are similar to pulmonary rehab and I'll be trying those. Other exercises may be a bit beyond me, especially the ones that require the use of stomach muscles. Let us know how you get on with the exercises.



BugsBunny, that's right, some exercises must be adapted to our abilities. I do a Qigong (Chinese medical martial art) and especially a sequence which they call the 8 pieces of brocade ( I suppose brocade, being silk is strong and flexible, hence the name) here's an explanation: taichivillage.org/?page_id=662

here's a video showing the sequence of exercises.

It takes me 30 minutes every morning.

Thanks for the the links Helingmic. Think some of the exercises are similar to the ones I have to keep the arthritic joints mobile can vouch they do work. The Exercise programs the NHS have introduced are good and it gets people out socially to mix with others in the same boat which boosts the moral too. They also acknowledge the need for the individual to take control of their own health needs and some of it is free and the rest is only a small fee often less than a cup of coffee in a cafe. Hope you are keeping as well as can be.

Look at the previous reply to Bugsbunny where I show an alternative to the NHS programme, i.e. The Qigong exercises. It might be easier than the NHS ones. Qigong is a set of Chinese medical exercises to regulate our inner energy, Arthritis, I htink is a blockage of this energy. so it would help to unbloc the flow to the joint (I also take cod liver oil with Vit D for this purpose - Look vit D on the internet. Of course, cod liver oil is fish oil, a specialist of healthy joints!)

Thanks for the links will enjoy trying them, barnowl

Towhit to hoo! It will help you fly silently, instead of having creaky joints int he wings! cheers, MIc (not the mouse, don't eat me!)

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