chicken Soup

I checked what could naturally do us good. I found that the old chicken soup is really heakthy and helps us thin the mucus.

check this out:

I've also seen "Trust me I am a doctor" Vit D is in supplement and in moderation is a good steady supply. You can eat some oily fish too, but you won't know if you get a steady in put.

I shall keep to my supplement!

Cheers Mic.

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    Here's a why Vitamin D is good, especially for those who live more indoors than outdoors

  • I also join some data about zinc, as Michael Mosley in Trust me I am a doctor has also emphasied the goodness of zinc.

  • I know some people makes chicken stock from a chicken carcas helingmic. I don't know about you helingmic, but I just couldn't bring myself to drink the fat/oil that would be in the water, especially if it's from a chicken that's only been boiled.

    I like my chicken roasted to within an inch of it's life. just thinking about the fat is making me gip, lol. Do you think heinz chicken soup will have the same health benefits? Haha. I can eat that.

  • If you take of all the skin there's very little fat in the soup/broth. Nothing like it, with loads of garlic, yum

  • To reduce the 'fat' from the broth put the cold stock in the fridge the fat will rise to the top and solidify - this makes it easy to remove.

    Also you can put a sheet of kitchen roll over the top of the broth as fat rises to the top the absorbant paper will take off some of the top layer of fat.

    You could also put a slice of bread on the top the fat will soak into it and it is a lovely treat for the birds on a cold day or any day actually.

  • Follow what the other say or as Wendells say, just use carrots, ginger, garli and onions, That's already very nice.

    I don't know what is in chicken but it's a century old remedy. Jewish people and East European people have used it with great success. That and chess is a sign of good health!

  • I will definately try it. x

  • Agree with Peeg,onions,carrots,garlic,etc.& I pop in egg noodles just before it's finished xx

  • I have been checking out anti inflammatory diets, and onions ginger and garlic together with fruit and veg are among some of the foods recommended, as well as protein.

    I shall be trying the chicken soup thanks just what I need in this damp weather.

  • Hi Helingmic

    Thanks for the reminder - I will do it for tea tonight and tomorrow however long it lasts.

    I add my pearl barley to it and just love it.

    Funny when I was looking at chicken in the supermarket yesterrday I couldn't find 'skin on' breasts.

    The lady said well do you want to EAT the skin? No but I want to cook it to release the flavours!

    Then again she looked as though she liked her food. I'm a size 10 not by luck but by good diet and excercise.

  • I love pearl barley, MMMMMMMMMMM!

  • Hi Mic is it kismit or something? I was just thinking of you!

    Me chicken was so big could hardly get it in pressure cooker! Now cooling before shredding. Then all back in with me pearl barley n veg. I have probably cooked enough for the whole 'family site'

    Having a really bad day lost me mother in Canada but now found her and have to drive 6 hours to pick her up from Gatwick Airport - shes not dead just dementia and missed her flight home.

    I love my life!

  • Oh crumbs, how dod she end up in Canada! she will need that chicken soup you're preparing. Kismit? Destiny, fate. Are you talking about the fate of the chicken???

  • Cheers Sokrackers, i will have a go when I next roast a chicken. x

  • Thanks for the link Hellingmic, that soup recipe sounds good and the health benefits too. Chicken broth is quite good for other ills too especially the upset tummy ones.

  • I love chicken soup and very often make my own "recipe" which consists of throwing everthing yesterdays left over chicken and any veg. available into the pan and simmernig. Thanks for the info. good to know that I am doing the right thing. Barnowl

  • if you want, you can throw on top a few mushrooms too. It will be even richer!

  • never thought of that one Thanks

  • Oh Mic, you've made me feel really hungry! I'd better get off to bed! ;) huff xxxx

  • I hope you have a good meal when you get up, huff!

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