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something quick and easy , comfort food

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take a full cubed chicken breast fry in a little oil add a tin of peas and carrots drained add a tin of condensed chicken soup you can add mushroom And sweetcorn if you want instead of pea's and carrots. Put in a baking tray topped with mashed potato and cheese pop in oven till brown golden brown. Quick filling and comforting

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I’ll have to forfeit the mushrooms 🍄

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That sounds too simple Dave, but if you say its tasty I may give it a go. The meds I take though make me struggle with eating a lot of things, what I used to like, I don't anymore. Will try though, thanks

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It's a meal that if you take out what you want you can freeze the rest .

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I will certainly try it 👍

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It's a lovely quick meal my gran taught me when I was about eight and I used to make it for one of my friends who lived in a bedsit

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How kind of you Dave

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I was brought up old school to help fellow man

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Sounds very tasty indeed. Xxx

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It's something that my gran used to make when I was small it use to make me feel good 😂

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Sounds like a wonderful meal for a few days. Take care pal

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It is and I hope you have a good day too

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Sounds good 🐞

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It went down well apparently 😂

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I Ilke to cook,whn up to it.that sounds like a nutritious tasty meal.u r really kind,cooking for others and sharing yr recipes here too.hoe you have a better day x

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Well I had a strange night no breeze no air in the house so slept outside on my patio. So I'm hoping today is a better one. My 02 levels dropped big time last night and I ended up blacking out hence sleeping outside on patio 😂 . Cooking helps me focus and de-stress plus the people who I cook for are friends who have helped me and it's nice to show you appreciate help . 👍🏼

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Oh dear.take it easy today.hope u can nap this aft.i use cold compresses on forehead and neck whn struggle.u can use frozen veg- put bag in a carrier bag in freezer,and reuse again+again - or use wet facecloths,wring out in cold water and put in thin food bag in freezer.simple but effective.Yes it is and always sounds to b appreciated,by you and them.

Do u ever use a slow cooker to avoid heat frm oven x

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I've escaped on my crutches to my favourite taverna having a frappe in the shade . I never use a slow cooker unfortunately I just haven't got one , I enjoy cooking and only happy when slaving away over a hot stove 😂 my friends say I would make any woman happy with my cooking and the fact I clean the house every day so very clean around the house. It's all down to my training by my grandmother 😂😂😂

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I love your Grandmother 😊

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I did too bless her a proper lady 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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