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Hi does anyone else suffer with acid reflux? I seem to have the silent type no heartburn but do have a constant pain as if something stuff in chest and or a constant pain in my back like cold wind blowing very uncomfortable drains me. Tried 2 different types of medication 1st one not t good. On lansoprazole now is better but still can't eat most foods, avoiding red foods, fizzy drinks, fried food, not eating 3 hrs before bed, small meals but still not feeling right plus no alcohol only had 3 sips on Saturday night suffered all day Sunday. It's getting me down I've lost a stone in weight which is good but it's getting me down. I have to eat as diabetic but it's getting so hard don't feel hungry or feel very hungry but can't face food. Is there light? I've lost nearly 3st in total with no health benefits its frustrating before COPD diagnosis I had no reflux symptoms it's all come at once week 7 now and still don't feel well

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mine is only problematic at night time if I have fallen to sleep half reclining in truth I find the position I use for postural drainage very helpful that is on the side with knees slightly crooked and head lower than the feet


I have heard of others on here suffering as you do. I was put on lansoprazole due to gastritis a couple of years ago but they did little to help. I find Gaviscon help meas well asAcidophilus tablets. They are especially useful when taking antibiotics, and really calm my stomach down. Hope you soon feel better Joyce.


Hi Tracy I had similar pains , one day I had stabbing pains going through my chest, felt like I had a lump in my throat and couldn't swallow, pain in my back, I was given lansoprazole with no effect, was then told it's muscular as all the muscles in chest , back and shoulders are connected as one tightens up it pulls all the others causing all theses pains. I do drink fuzzy pop as it helps me burp up trapped wind , as I find after food I get out of breath easier so don't move around much trapping wind. If u can tolerate it try ibruprofen it helps. Hope this helps a little x Sonia x


I have GERD which is very bad it has to into Barretts disease..I take 4mG X2 per day of nexium barely I suspect I will have surgery in couple's not yet cancer but it's trying...prop your head while I. bed and don't eat late..


Actually 40 mg twice per day sorry


Hi Shirley, I take 40 mgs Nexium once a day and 10 mgs Motillium twice a day. Even though I have no belching or heartburn, i get dreadful attacks of pain which seem like heart episodes.


Hi.......have suffered with reflux for years.( g.e.r.d.)

I take Esomeprazole daily although if needed can take 1at night.

Also a very thick script only Gaviscon.

My diet has no.....spices.sauses.alcohol.tomatoes in any form.

Coffee.chocolate. reduced fried foods and reduced dairy.

The head of the bed is elevated although its not a great deal of help..... I have found soya milk helps as does ginger in various forms.

My last food is at bout 6pm and last drink at 8.30 pm

Stress and worry can make reflux worse......

Have you been checked for H. Pylori. Ask your GP next time.


Hi Budgies mom ! My husband just brought home a bottle of Gaviscon yesterday and wants me to use it. I'm already on Nexium and motillium so not sure there's much point. But the pain is so bad at the moment, I'd try anything. Did you find Gaviscon helpful ?


Yes it does ease it a little. But you need the strength available only via the gp.

By the way I forgot to add pickles & anything

Containing vinegar / mustard and citrus friut.

In fact anything that contains acid is a no no.

You will get used to leaving out all the favourites.

I long for a pickled onion and chocolates

( not together )


Oh dear, acid reflux is so painful and potentially dangerous because acid coming up can cause damage. I also have moderate copd and acid reflux - I had an endoscophy which showed up a HIATUS HERNIA --- So an acid suppressive is essential. Was initially given omeprazole but now I'm on daily Ranitidine which cuts down the acid reflux and I'm almost pain free. Hope this helps you.


Taking note of Ranitidine, Joany. Maybe it works better then Nexium.


You'll need minimum 300mg per day for Ranitidine to be effective. Really hope it helps if you decide to give it a try.


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