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Evening Everyone.

This has probably been on here before but I thought I would share. I went out to a quiz last night and a couple of hours earlier I had a roll as we were eating out, needless to say I felt like I had eaten a house as it laid really heavy. I struggled to walk and my sister kept plying me with Tesco sparkling water with grape and blackberry, almost immediately I could feel it working and I sat there burping not very ladylike I know. I've never even considered it before but my husband popped in to get me some in various flavours today 4 litre bottles for £1.50 which I think is a bargain.

We won the quiz by a very convincing 8 points as well so good night.

Kim xxxx

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  • You are lucky then. I cannot take any kind of fizz fizzing about & up my asophagus & into my airways.

    P xx Edit: Champagne i will deffo tolerate though, drunk nice and slowly! ;D

  • Well of course Champagne. But its not actually that sparkling and if it works I'll try anything.

    Kim xxx

  • Glad u had a good night and well done on ur quiz, I know I shouldn't but I drink a lot of coke/ cherry coke it gives me gas but so helps after a meal, I can't make myself burp never have but if I do get trapped wind it helps me burp and relief is instant, sometimes it's lower down and I do trump a lot aswel, I think my inhalers blow me up and not go to my lungs well that's my excuse , lmao, take care x Sonia x

  • Hi I always drink tonic water always works for me we all need a good burp sometime

  • Glad you had a good time and won the quiz as well - bonus :) Never thought of sparkling drinks before but will bear it in mind for the future. x

  • Not heard of this sparking water, I just drink tap water 2.5 litres per day.

  • Sparkling water works for me sometimes but as a boy I was trained to burp it was the LAW I think then ;)

  • LOL

  • Morning

    I thought I would hate sparkling water but it's quite pleasant. I was one of 5 girls Offcut so burping wasn't really on the agenda, my father was very Victorian. But I do remember the boys at school having competitions, so I think you're right.

    Kim xxx

  • Sparkling water or ginger ale (not ginger beer) does it for me!

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