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I have just ordered some Christmas cards. There was a statement saying delivery is free, but I was charged £2.00 "tax" and £2.50 "shipping". Obviously I have paid it, but thought it worth mentioning so no one else gets confused. Can't believe I am even mentioning the word Christmas....ah well, my days,weeks,months,years fly by, so best be prepared :)

EDIT: Problem solved - tax is included, not charged extra, see reply below.

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  • Hi

    Are you UK based or overseas, free postage would be UK mainland only.

  • I realised that my user name of Louisiana would probably suggest I live in USA, but I am definitely living in good old England.....Norfolk. I am a Londoner, born and bred, but haven't lived there for's my most favourite city. Why would you want to know that...ignore me I tend to ramble. I was really surprised by the charge..I would have donated a few pounds, but paid the cost instead. Hope you are well. :)

  • Hi

    It was the tax that was confusing, ramble on as much as you like.

  • yes, I wondered about take care. :)

  • Hi Louisiana,

    Don't worry - you haven't been charged extra for tax. The tax is included in the price of the cards.

    If you order any health information from us, we pay the delivery for you. However, if we offered free delivery on the Christmas cards we wouldn't make any money at all on them, so we wouldn't be able to invest the proceeds into more research and support.

    If you have any more queries please don't hesitate to drop us at email to or call me on 0207 688 5555 between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

  • thank you for letting me know. I obviously got confused as £2 tax was mentioned plus delivery......I would have bought them anyway, but it was a surprise. Hope you sell lots of cards :)

  • Thanks for your feedback Louisiana - I've edited the confirmation email to make it a little bit more clear.

    Have a nice day :)

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