Mr. Bob Preston

I hope my previous not titled writings haven't ruined my chances of discovering something about RPL554.

As I said previously I have written several times to the principle doctors concerned with this wonder drug RPL554 but my efforts to determine a release date so far have proved of no avail, but I keep worrying away at the subject as my life at present is somewhat depleted due to COPD.

it appears that RPL554 is the best kept secret in the NHS. as no health professionals have ever admitted to even hearing of this drug,. I keep getting prescribed the usual useless medications doled out to me (but I have no idea what my life would be like without them. Yet it seems that their is no health professional willing to find out something at least about RPL554. but via similar forums to this I intend to discover at least something about RPL554.


Bob Preston

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Hi Bob,

A couple of links for you, although you have probably seen them already. Hope they work!

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You go for it, Good Luck, this may be good for all of us, where did you here about this, and what was said ?


'Verona Pharma has announced that it is looking to raise up to £14 million through a placing, subscription, and open offer of more than 630 million new ordinary shares, conditioned on approval of shareholders. A general meeting will be held on March 24 2014. According to the company, the proceeds would be used for development of its inhaled dual phosphodiesterase (PDE) 3/4 inhibitor [RPL554] and an inhaled antitussive [VRP700]. . . .

The company said that it plans to use the money for three trials of RPL554 for severe COPD and preparation for Phase 2b studies in hospitalized COPD patients. Part of the proceeds would also go toward a dose-finding study of VRP700. Data from both sets of studies is to be reported in 2015, Verona said.'

Yes bylbob ,I have been following the rpl554 since it was released in February 14 ,it was for asthma to reverse the 2enzymes that get attacked, copd have the lesser dose,now on here I was told nice can't afford it, so why make bloody medicines that work ,but you can't them ,it was stated it is on the NHS, we still live in the dark ages when it comes to health in this country,maybe go private ,maybe a good idea,I'm looking into it ,I've had enough of the NHS ,slow slow slow. Or never!

very interesting thank you

So do I,what's the bloody point of creating a inhalor that actually attacks the enmzimes that are doing the damage it is reversible. And no one can have it,also it was stated it is on the NHS ,But where is it? I would even pay for it,this country's health is bad as you have to ha ve prescription for Everything, I had lung attack 3am this morning almost a 111.i managed to stay alive with my own top up oxy,I need a prescription today for some I have just bought a nebuliser,I need the med to go in it.i hope I don't have any probs getting it,or it will be a hospital job,surgery is not good at giving me things short notice,or its hospital?i have no back up meds at all,it's so hard to get hold of them ,as I never know if I can go out ,looks still at the moment,a bit risky but I have no choice but to try ,my inhalors almost empty,I've used to much this month,I have no back ups.

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