Getting cold!

Apparently, as this disease progresses (I am in my 15th year), my tolerance to cold is diminishing - or so it feels. I live in Brisbane (a warm climate compared to many others) and although we are in Winter (Brisbane's version of Winter), and even when the morning temperature is between 15-18 degrees, I always feel a little chill. Admittedly, I have always suffered a low tolerance to cold but it seems to get worse and time progresses. Anyone else suffer this problem?

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  • Yes I do and have for a long time but never associated it with COPD but sure could be I guess. I know when it is cooler in the evenings others would be out with short sleeved shirts and I would always feel chilly and often would put on a light jacket.

    I always blamed it on smoking and circulation but not really sure of the cause. It really hasn't changed much since I quit smoking two years ago so not really sure.

  • i live in NE England which can get very cold in the winter, and i do not go out if the temperature drops below 5 c my gas/electic bills cost me a fortune,i think alot of people with copd feel the cold ,but also it can be too hot any thing over 22 c i have to stay in, i worked in the middle east ,far east and south america and them temperatures never bothered me then, this copd is a nusiance

  • I find that my temperature control is a lot more erratic but not sure if this is due to COPD or just getting older. I live in South England so it is a bit warmer here but I still find the winters increasingly cold. But I still get hot flushes too. x

  • Seems like our bodies can't regulate our babies. So we have to be careful ...Help keep ourselves cooler or warmer. I had a heat attack where ice and cold flannels and shade and fan saved me. Winter will see all manner of warming like shawls and thermals and layers of clothing etc. X

  • Sadly I think it's just called getting older, Martin, wherever one lives!


  • I become chilly as soon as the temperature drops.

    I checked with the internet and found the cold to be a trigger for a flare up.

    I usually get ill in autumn. I shall try to avoid groups when people start to sneeze and cough, not easy to do, though.

  • Yes Martin, I am in Perth ex Leeds, West Yorkshire, and I can honestly say I get colder here than I ever did in the UK, it is really strange.

  • Martin mine is associated with PH . I can't go out in winter if the wind is blowing and I have had funny turns in supermarkets in the cold section. My fingers go blue as does my nose and I can't breathe

  • I dread the winter months as I have such dificulty in breathing when the air tempretures get cold. This warm summer we have enjoyed nin the UK has been heaven to me.

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