Wed. morning I decided to : go for it. : I never manage to go shopping but on Wed. morningI was determined to go to Pri Mart and buy a pair of cotton trousers, a bit of retail therapy does you good... Especially Designer. Parked my car got the walking stick out and went on my way, I live in Inverness so it was lovely walking over the main Bridge, the river was so clear and inviting, at times we see the odd Otter and at the moment the Salmon jumping. Reason for my storey is I was unable to stroll round the Store as I would have loved, by the time I got back to my car I was drained, did nothing for the rest of the day......Boring....

Thursday morning I could not get out of bed, felt as if my body had died, it is now Sunday I am on steroids, they are helping a bit but don,t think I will do that again for a while, need of an Agony Aunt.....thank goodness I can let of steam here and you will understand me....Thanks.

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  • Hello Baily, I'm sorry to hear you've come down with a nasty infection and I hope you feel the benefits of the steroids very soon. I think you should give yourself a pat on the back for getting out on Wednesday, maybe you didn't get the lovely new trousers but you saw a real otter and salmon jumping, that sounds like a perfect day to me, awesome!

    It doesn't matter what anyone says if you are feeling ill you are not going to be full of the joys of Spring and we here all sympathise with you for not feeling your best! Please don't give up with outings, next time could be very different and it's making plans for fun that keep us going!

    All you can do for now is rest up, drink plenty of fluids, stay propped up, surrounded by your favourite books etc., and think of nice things...I love looking on line for nice things to wear, I could spend hours cheering myself up that way! Feel better soon, sending a big aunty hug :) huff xxxxxx

  • Good for you for having 'a go'. Sounds lovely but sorry you didn't get your trolleys - there will be another time hun when you are feeling better.

    Hope you see an improvement soon. Sending virtual hugs.


  • Sorry to hear you did not quite make it to Primani may be you will feel better in a couple of weeks and give it another go. Best wishes Irene

  • Why not try a rollator, I have one and I can walk so much further with it, think it is because it takes some of the body weight, like using a trolley in a supermarket. Occupational Therapy supplied my first one, but it was quite heavy so I saved and bought myself a lightweight aluminium one with a seat and basket which I put my oxygen in! Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • Thank you Carole, it,s my pride, stupid I know, one day perhaps...x

  • Hello Bailey,

    Yes we all sympathise with you, most of us have done the same sort of thing and wonder if it is worth it. But just think an otter and salmon! brilliant memory until you get your strength back, which you will even if you don't think so at the moment. Lots of hugs

    Take care,


  • Thank goodness for online shopping ... couldn't manage without.

  • Yes I must admit that is what I will do for Christmas....

  • Very strangely, Baily, I can go to the gym if I am taken by car!

    I don't wait for buses in the cold and rain. Whenever I have walked to the bus stop, I could see the bus coming and going. As I cannot run, I usually miss it! So now, I use the volunteer bureau and go 3 times a week to the gym.

    But wow! what a view you had. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs.

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