Waiting to be admitted

After several weeks coping with one chest infection after another, the 2 visits by ambulance in the last week they have finally decided I need IV antibiotics. Spoke to the ward yesterday to be told they have no beds and I have to wait for one to be available, hopefully today or tomorrow.

I am now hoping they can sort out this bug and give my body a rest for a week or two, after all I have now had 19 infections in 24 months.

Sorry for the moan but it's something I needed to get off my chest.

By the way I have COPD, Asthma and Bronchiectasis.

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Hello, where is the moan in expressing how you feel after 19 infections in 24 months. I sincerely hope they find a bed for you today and your IV's can start. Take extra special care of yourself xx

I hope you get a bed soon! I think its disgusting you have to wait for a bed! I have an infection at the moment and much the same as you,but I prefer to stay at home under the care of my nurse,but if I choose I can phone up hospital and they will take me in...

I really hope they get you sorted quickly ,You have a right to moan..Good Luck ..Regards Laura..

I hope you are admitted soon. I have the same conditions as yourself, but was never considered for i/v antibiotics latterly, although I did have them as an emergency a year or two back. My life improved considerably when I was given azithromycin by the consultant at Addenbrookes.

So sorry to hear that - thank heaven you're not a dire emergency as such. Hope you can try and find things to laugh at while you're waiting for them to do what they're paid for. :)

Can they not set up an IV at home and get a nurse to come and change it. It is not right that you are left to suffer. You moan away, you have every right to. If I withheld medication from my pets I'd end up in court. I hope they sort you soon. Take care and big Hugs.

Kindest Regards


Hi MGharris. I don't blame you for moaning. It must be really wearing you down. I hope your taken in asap and you start feeling better very soon. x

As a fellow Bronchiectasis & COPD case with repeated courses of antibiotics with no success I also want to assure you that this is the very place to come and vent steam. I hope you get admitted soon and begin your much needed treatment. Hopefully you will make a quick recovery from this terrible relapse. Living with Bronchiectasis is bad enough without the increasing demise of the NHS.

Good morning all.

I have now spent my first night on the ward. Impossible to sleep, but had my first IV treatment after they put in a mid-line catheter at 12:30 this morning.

I am hoping this course will clear up the infections for a while, and then it will have been worth it.

So pleased take care wish you a speedy recover.xx

Why can't one get the antibiotic, as an out patient?

The have said I need the IV antibiotics 3 times a day. Unless they have a nurse who can come to the house then I will have to stay as an inpatient.

The squeaky wheel gets the most oil. You are fighting for your life. Demand a nurse - if need be ask if some other individual is license to give & IV. Hecht I'd go to a veteran to live. Are farm animals treated any worst? Better yet what other class of medication can you take while you're waiting. No one will give and IV to a corpse. You live only once go step on some toes. Call your elected officials, do a sit it, get a group together for a march on your government representatives office. Doing nothing is the same as not getting the medication. Write your all the officials in government. Vote in change. Health care should not be ration. Suggest you drink a lot of water it's a good way of flushing out what is wrong. Seems this world has tons of money to make wars but needs to ration health care. We need a switch!

I did dwitt. Went to A&E 8am and 8pm everyday for 6/7 days. Midday I took an oral AB. The attitude and treatment was A1.

Great. I think all of us need to fight death scheduling delays to save a buck. I just read about a blood test for cancers. I think high tec and research for cures will lower medical cost and allow millions to get it. Some testing can be done by a machine and when something turns up then we get the human touch of a doctor. I am sure an IV can be applied by a machine on the first try. What I say sound silly but when a machine can save my life versus being told come back in 6 to 7 months, guess where I am going.

So pleased you are finally getting some treatment. I have had similar amounts of infections. However saw a different bond. And he put me on Azithrimyin. I feel like a new person. Worth asking if there is an alternative medicine to keep the bugs away in the future. Best wishes bar owl.

Hi MG - So sorry you have to go in for IVs but sometimes it is for the best to give the b's a heavy duty dose. Are you at a hospital where they will allow you to learn to do them yourself at home and would you feel comfortable with that? If not just think of it as a means to an end hun. Hope you feel much better very soon.

love cx

I'm hopeful they will allow me to have them done at home in a couple of days.

I do hope so. In any event I hope you feel better very soon. cx

I was admitted for ten days iv antibiotics, the result was amazing felt so much better, can onlybe described as like having a weight lifted off me.

I questioned why I was in there for one treatment a day, the answer was they needed to monitor so many things at regular intervals. Some people can react to a/bs so they prefer to keep an eye on you. They did take blood most days and analysed what I was coughing up every day. They do not give away ten days of hospital bed lightly there has to be a good reason. No complaints just bored sitting around for ten days.

They have already told me I need 2 IVs a day, plus 4 nebs and want to run tests on sputum and bloods etc, so am prepared for the long haul.

...The old story , if you were an MP you would have no problem getting a bed IMMEDIATELY - although having said that , ther'e all filthy rich anyway, and 97% of this rotten Government are MULTI MILLIONAIRES , , so they and Cameron would go PRIVATE anyway. More closer to home, my MP , for want of a better title , who is, yes, a Millionaire , admitted privately - he's NEVER seen the inside of a National Health Hospital , as he ALWAYS GOES PRIVATE, and in actual fact - "Was'nt quite sure where our local hospital was " ... ( which speaks volumes ) , for any medical attention he requires, and this is exactly what is wrong with this Multi Millionaire Government - completely OUT OF TOUCH with the ordinary folk because of their colossal Bank accounts - ther'e living on another planet ! only 37 weeks left folks TO CHANGE ALL THIS .......

You poor thing, you must feel rubbish. I hope you get a bed soon and start feeling better.

Kim xxx

Hope you get settled in there soon. Feel better.

That was 3 years ago. I am much better now thanks.

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