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Dozy is a pain

But you can all breathe again as this is my final early morning post. You, my dear helpful and clever people, have done it! Woke up this morning headache free and full of the joys of Spring, yes, I know it's Summer but....

So for everyone who read and especially took time from busy days to reply, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Right enough smarming, got lots to do today. Got a friend arriving this evening for a night of tea drinking and chatting. Well I'm not going to put booze and debauchery am I?

So off I scuttle. I'm late, I'm late for a very important date...... D :) x

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Dozy you are a delight,don't know much about you as you have nothing posted,you have a wonderful sense of humour,love you Monica and picture.Hope your debauched oh I mean sober evening goes well,watch out for that headache in the morning though with too much tea.!!!!!!!!Sooki.


Dozy, I haven't been around much, but love your


Have a good day Dozy. A bit of debauchery is good for you :d x


Ah, brilliant you feels better Dozy, sounds like you in for a fun night with all that 'tea'. Have a great time, you deserves. Love ya. Xx


So glad the headaches have gone. Enjoy your evening. I am surprised you ever get rid of your visitors if you entertain them like you entertain us. Love your posts, they cheer me up no end and always leave me smiling

Kindest Regards



Hiya Dozy,

Glad to hear there's no head ache anymore, so Ok where'd you bury him LOL. Sorry just my sense of humour, any way where's all this Tea at ?? . and don't forget about the pipe work, debauchery plays havoc with it :P :P :D :x , Hope you have a really grand night evening, night.

all our love and wishes And wishes

Az and nin


So good to hear you,re feeling better,long may it continue! :D


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