Another Milestone Reached

I had good news yesterday, I got the results from my first mammogram since my cancer operation. All clear. :) Makes me feel much more positive and hopeful for the future. Last year had been a roller-coaster for me. Turned 50 in the January. Diagnosed with moderate Emphysema in March. Joined BLF as Psorias in April, where I met some really good friends. My marriage completely broke down, and then, at the end of summer, just as I was feeling better about the emphysema diagnosis, I got the breast cancer results, followed by surgery and radiotherapy. Luckily for me, through BLF, I met Azaard (Iamnins), who has been my rock. My life certainly changed for the better, when I moved from Essex to Lancashire to be with him, despite any health issues the year threw at me, I am happier now than I have been for a very very long time.

Nin aka Anna Xx

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Oh well done Anna! Great news all round :-D

Thanks Peeg

What great news Anna,after the topsy turfy year you've had,something positive to move forward with.good to know your being well looked after.and of course....well

Love to you both

:) x

Hi Jambo yes definitely well fed, I'm not underweight anymore lol


What an lovely message, I remember you well as psorias. You have had lots of troubles but a great outcome - romance within the BLF - loveit!!xx

Thanks pergola x

Wonderful news .

Yes it sure is :)

Fantastic news on the results And lovely to hear you are much happier. Wishing you much happiness xxx

Thanks tadaw. To be honest I never knew I could be this happy. :)

Well done you my love. You have been a brave soldier and deserve every bit of happiness you get. As does Az and it seems as though you were made for each other. Dozy send you both a congratulations hug and a big love you mumsy cuddle.

Thanks for the mumsy cuddle dozy. Xx

That's very good news for you I_am_iamnins_, hopefully a start to a better year ahead for you and AZ your new partner. I wish you every best wish for a long healthy future together.xx

Thanks Katie, hope you're right about the year ahead. :)

A lovely story ,i wish you all the best

Just one thing what about my lemon meringue !! take care Dorothyxx

Oops, sorry Dorothy, sending Az to the kitchen as I type, he makes the best lemon meringue pie, shall get it sent over as soon as it ready. :D

Fantastic news.

Kim xx

Thanks Kim :)

Great new's Anna, I'm very pleased for you.

Good luck to the future.

Hi RB, how are you? Xx

I'm fine thanks, and I know you are, I look forward to hearing the same results next year too.

Take care Anna, xx

That's good to know. And I sure am. Nice to hear from you. :)

Oh Wow what a wonderful post, I am just so happy for you Anna........and I am a sucker for a love story *sigh*

I wish you both every happiness and a long and healthy life together

Love Sohara

Thanks sohara, who would think that getting poorly could be so lovely. :). Xx for you anna n iamnins, wishing you all the best xx

Lovely lyrics, thank you so much have saved them, I've never been given a song before. Xx. :)

Great news, all the best nannyb xx

Thanks nannyb :)

Oh that's such good news Anna. I am so pleased for you. Onwards and upwards hey? :) xx

Yes definitely onwards and upwards now. Hope you ok.


Yay!!!! Just yay!!! and a hug for you both :) xxx

:) thanks for the hug, passing it on to Az right now. :D

Great news and a pleasure to read such a positive post. Thanks for sharing !

Thanks argana

Fabby :)


Well done. So good to read a post with a happy ending. Many many more happy yearsxx

And we are so happy. Xx

Such good news! Like you I was diagnosed with breast cancer eighteen years ago, had a lumpectomy and lymph gland removal and radio therapy and am still going strong. I developed a melanoma on my ankle six months later but after removal and 6 monthly follow ups I got the all clear. Then about the same time I was diagnosed with emphysema but managed to continue working until 4 years ago when, at 67, I was made redundant. Since then I have become very severe stage 4 and am on oxygen 15/24, but for the last 2 years I have remained almost the same. I still enjoy life, get out and about most days and go on holiday. I have emphysema, it doesn't have me. Have a good life, let it continue as it is now and keep smiling.

Carole x

Thanks carole, :) good to hear you still enjoying yourself :). I'll keep smiling xx

I know multiple health issues can be a terrible weight first hand. I also fear down the road future complications. If God forbid you ever loose a breast or for that fact it anyone looses one you much watch on You Tube the piece on Suzanne Somers who had breast reconstruction with the use of DNA.

Thanks dwitt

What great news, all the best to you

:) thank you

Hi Anna, you really have been through it, haven't you? So glad that things are looking up for you and you've found a lovely partner to share your life with. I hope things keep improving for you and you can enjoy life again. Keep on keeping on. X

Thanks celat, I am definitely enjoying life again. :). Xx

Anna it made my heart sore when I heard this wonderful news. I think of you often and as you know have been praying for you all. SOOOOOO happy sweetheart that you are both happy. Well done, you have been through so much, always smiling and never once complaining. I bet your boys are all thrilled too.

Take care. Julie

xxxx xx xxxx

Hi Julie, :) how are you doin? Yes my lads are chuffed to pieces. They are planning on travelling the 250 miles to see us next weekend. Well the youngest three are and one of my fosters. The eldest can't make it this time. But we are heading down to Essex at the end of September so I can get my little grandson hugs. :) :). Xx

Congratulations fantastic news you have been through the mill, I know what's its like being 50 plus all the different things we go through. My brother has just come through bowel and bladder cancer, keep strong

Thank you ona and all the very best to your brother. I do feel stronger than ever. :)

Simply wonderful, Nin or Anna! Just love to hear your positive sound through you finding love and support. wonderful!

Thank you so much helling, it is a recently new feeling for me, and I just wanted to share that illness is not the end.


It,s so good to hear some positive news for you.I,m also glad to hear you are so happy and settled,going by previous posts from both of you you deserve to be happy.Wishing you the best of luck and happiness.D.

Thanks farmer D. :)

well done and a happy day for you hope for years to come bless you

Good luck Anna, what a break for you, Anne x

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