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Hi been prescribed Symbicort however i need to lose weight any ideas I am very active my job involves walking everywhere

On the emotional side this illness has me feeling overwhelmed and tearful at present i feel like my life has been overtaken with medication all i know is i have significant copd and asthma. diagnosed in June never been in hospital with my chest just very wheezy I know i will have to leave my job at some point as it involves chemicals and dust.

Sorry about moaning

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Hi furdale. I can't give any dieting advice as I need to gain weight. but, I'd like to say that if you have only just been diagnosed in June, you are bound to be feeling down. Most people do when first told. I didn't find this site until about 15 months after diagnosis and had hit rock bottom through trying to cope without letting my family know how scared I was, I was constantly imaging the worst . Finding this forum, was the start of my beginning to feeling better, due to all the great knowledge and support, i began to feel more in control of myself.

You've found it straight away, which is good and should go a long way towards making you strong enough to make any necessary changes in your life to help you feel less traumatized.

Don't apologize for moaning, because that's what this forum is all about, getting your fears off you chest to people who understand what your going through.

You will start to feel more like yourself soon. xx


Thank you casper99

Just cant talk to family about it my fears and worries my kids are still quite young and my husband thinks its not happening


hi please do not worry about taking symbicort I found it brilliant. it is just a very small amount of steroid and it goes right where you need it in your lungs. I am sorry your feeling so low it is a bit overwhelming at times. What sort of job do you do?

I have had asthma from the age of two and COPD from around 27 I am still working although now only 20 hours a week I am 54 and hope to carry on for another couple of years.

At the end oft he day your health must come first, that is hard when you are a mother and a wife as usually you always put others first well now you will have to be tough and ask for help when you need it.

It is all about loving and caring for yourself now. Best wishes to you and you are not moaning!!!


I possibly like you, have only found this site today and hope that once I fully understand how to move around it will find it really useful, I cannot be totally honest with my family as my father is nearly 87 and he will not cope.

I use symbort but was changed over to flixitide and a green inhaler. I prefer taking symbiotic for ease. I have been off work for nearly 6 weeks now as I got dust onto my lungs from roadworks outside my house! So fed up!!

in reply to Jen2505

The other thing I notice is that I have to plan and 'hide' my movements. I panic if I have to walk anywhere with people, so try and avoid those situations.


Hi furzdale

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so down about your illness, and I truly believe that we all feel this way from time to time. There are no easy answers I am sorry to say, but I am an eternal optimist and always have been, so I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck and happiness in the future.

As for you weight, it may help discussing this with your GP and ask if you could be referred to a dietician so they can look at how your diet is and if you are lacking anything?

All my hopes and dreams for you



Cant help with the diet..... I am also over weight, and I also suffer from bouts of anxiety and the miseries ,,,,, but this weekend I may have found the answer to the dieting at least.

We were going to Holland on Friday for a funeral on Saturday. Returning home Sunday to my husbands beloved greenhouse and fishing.

Early hours of Friday morning I woke with heartburn I reached over and got a Gaviscon tablet to chew.

There was a loud click, not only was there a Gaviscon tablet in my mouth but also my two front teeth. Its only a little false plate.....three teeth in total.

At 2 am I was frantic...... searched everywhere for an ill fitting old one... which I found half an hour before we left.

Result was a very sore mouth and very little to eat. So I have lost a few lbs over three days.

Do I get my original plate fixed...????. now thats the problem.

I cant eat with this old plate in situ,

But I have learnt how to be discreet in hotel restaurants taking it in & out.

Chin up... there are good days.....


When I was first diagnosed I decided the best course of action was to become responsible for my own health. I took up weight lifting and rode an exercise bike 5 days week. Muscle stores oxygen and the bike makes the lungs work. Each workout was 40 min. At first it was very difficult with lots of breaks but I stuck out the 40 min. By 6 mos. I could bench press 70 lbs and ride 16mi. So don't think of what you can't do but think of what you can do to help overcome your limitations. BTW I stopped eating all processed foods except peanut butter - I couldn't give that up.



Was just reading your post from a year ago. Maybe your not even on here anymore. I was wondering if your keeping up with your exercise. Also has it helped your fev1.



...just an addendum about the peanut butter, 'natural' is best as it's less constipating..., at least in my case.

Also, just met a woman in line at the post office who said her 50 year old daughter was 300 lbs. and was put on 24 liters when first diagnosed with COPD and a couple of other problems. After weight and exercise programs she's now down to a much more manageable weight but still not at the 27 bmi the docs want her for the lung transplant. She hasn't given up and neither should you...., KEEP ON TRUCKIN' !!!

As for me, I've found that 'dieting' does me no good; my attitude about food, what and how often I eat had to change (...though I have strawberries, blackberries, yogurt and honey in the evening, I eat nothing else except maybe saltfree crackers after 6pm nightly).

Never eat to excess and, for me, it's only one big meal (breakfast) per day; at noon, I may have a breadless hamburger. Never..., NEVER!!!, eat fast food and the further away from processed you can get the better but none of us can ever get completely away from it, I guess.....


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