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E-cigs and oxygen use

Following on from previous posts, my Oxygen Nurse has inspected the e-cig I use and confirmed that this type* is not hazardous and CANNOT cause a spark or any other type of reaction with oxygen, as I've said repeatedly. Nice to feel vindicated at last.

Anyone wanting details please let me know and I'll be happy to give the link.

* It is not one that uses liquid or has three sections.

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My local fire brigade were very helpful in identifying fire risks and installed a free smoke alarm.


Ah - thank you Ian123 - but I didn't post this because I have concerns in that area!

Some time ago, I recommended e-cigs and had a lot of flak about them being hazardous when using oxygen - or even having them around, which I strongly disputed, so I wanted to inform those casting doubt that my confidence in the product wasn't misplaced.

Also I want to reassure others who may be contemplating e-cigs as a lesser evil to smoking that they would be safe using oxygen - and most certainly would not be prevented from having this lifesaver, which was another unfounded comment at the time.



My oxy company warns against using them when using oxygen. But I agree - they are better than 'real' cigarettes. Difficult decisions.


Yes Toci I think they all do but it doesn't apply to the ones I enjoy, which consist of only 2 parts and aren't refillable.

I agree about difficult decisions but I no longer drink (which I enjoyed occasionally) don't socialise or do anything particularly interesting, can't fly (arms no longer strong enough lol) and artificial smoking is my chosen 'sin' - gotta have something to lift the gloom and if it helps even one member to give up smoking then it's got to be a good thing!


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