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Old cat and kitten?


We have Charlie,she is 15 human years old and has only 3legs,her sister died a year ago and I think she still misses her although they used to fight.There are some kittens at friends and we,re considering whether to get one.Will a kitten cheer Charlie up or just depress her?She does,nt do much,just eats and sleeps ,will a young cat annoy her or stimulate her?

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Hi FarmerD Would you friends let you have a kitten with the understanding that you may need to give it back if Charlie doesn't get on with the new arrival. Perhaps get 2 kittens then they will play together and not bother Charlie too much but still be company for her?


I am a cat lover, and feel that our feline friends are suspicious of change. Subject very much up for discussion. Possibly an older quieter cat for company, but all cats are different in temperament. I think the best thing to do is to discuss with Blue Cross etc, or the vet. Good luck xx

Hello FarmerD I got another cat when our dog died, thinking it would be company for our cat but it didn't work out. They really didn't take to each other. The second cat had a heart problem and only lived for a year. I have two cats now which I took over when my friend got a dog and didn't want them. Although they have lived together all their lives and they are now 18 years old. Tolerate each other at best. LizB's suggestion might be worth a try.

Might sound silly but is it worth trying a cuddly toy ...?

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A clockwork mouse would be even better smiler! My cat loves his, but I hate it. Gives me the creeps but I put up with it because he is the boss! hugs xxx

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Lol - they always are the boss! Xxx


My experience as the devoted slave to three cats, is that they are very territorial and never accept a new cat. When we got no 3, the cute playful kitten, I thought they'd love, they had to be physically restrained from attacking her and I had to keep them in seperate rooms for ages. The male cat relented soon enough but the female hates the new cat, 6 years later. I'd suggest making sure your cat has lots of time with the family and that you spoil her and keep her very comfortable. Then when she passes on get yourself a new kitten.

I honestly think (I have a cat) that your elderly cat would not take kindly to a kitten. As you know cats get very set in their ways as they get older and are so territorial that boisterous kittens would stress your cat out too much. She has been without cat company in your house for a year now and will have adapted by now. My cat is 12 and has only one eye, and so I can't let him out any more which breaks my heart for him. I hate creatures to be locked up or shut in etc. It was a feral cat that injured his eye, and that cat is still about and so I daren't not take the risk in case he loses his other eye. Because he does not get out now and it took a good year to adapt to that situation for him (helped by Feliway). Now he is even sookier and cuddlier than ever. If you are still unsure you could discuss the situation with your vet as Pergola has suggested, but my instincts are to leave things as they are. Cats don't like change and the older they are, the harder it is for them. I am sure you are giving your cat plenty of love and extra cuddles and I think that's the best thing you can do. That is only my opinion and I can fully understand your reasoning, but where cats are concerned its not going to be workable I don't think. Best of luck and take care. Hope you are keeping well. hugs xxx


Having had a kitten when my old cat was 16 I agree that it can be too much for them. My cat didn't mind but the kitten hassled him quite a bit when all he wanted was peace and quiet at his age. My last old cat was of a very different type and would have attacked a kitten and I didn't want world war 3 in my home. When he eventually died I did get a new kitten after a few months. But together? no. x


I will add though that a male cat and a female kitten have much more chance of getting on than 2 males or 2 females. A lot depends on your cat and the sex of a new kitten. x

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I agree ! Two females is a recipe for jealousy.

Hi, I think that bringing a youngster in will upset the very beautiful Charlie. I understand the idea and did consider it myself but the vet advised against it. I just spent lots of extra time with Domino and he settled down eventually. Of course Charlie is grieving but lots of cuddles and reassurance should do the trick. What about one of those Cat TV DVD's? Never tried them myself but maybe worth a shot!

L A xx


Interesting comments from everyone. I once had three much loved and established adult cats - 1 male and 2 females. A stray (approx 6 month +) turned up thin and battered at my villiage home and had struggled to keep going through the cold, wet winter..

After checking with neighbours that she was indeed a stray I got her to the vet who treated her and speyed her at my request. Cats are jealous creatures and to begin with they spat and growled at her. I made an extra fuss of them, almost ignoring the newcomer but each time THEY went out into the garden I gave HER lots of care and attention.

Mine were around 8 at the time and the four of them soon happily settled down.

FarmerD, it's good that you're thinking of your elderly cats needs. As Charlie is now an elderly lady maybe LizB's suggestion of a trial run with your friends kitten would be the best plan. If not, I'd go with leaving things as they are.

All the best...Lovelight x

I have 2 cats and a few weeks ago we lost our black lab to cancer the one cat would play with the dog all day chasing each other however they do need time to grieve and I think bringing in a kitten would get her back up good luck

Thank you all very much,having read all your thoughts on the matter and done little more research we,ve decided Charlie is probably ok as she is.Oddly enough she seems to have perked up a little this week and seems happier.Once again your input is very much appreciated,I,m so glad I found this truly amazing site..D.

Hi FarmerD, have had cats all my life,recently ended up with another(rescued)kitten, it is impossible to say if they will get on, if you think of it in human terms of personality and character then cats are pretty much the same, they all have their own likes and dislikes, l have 5 at present and all but one get along with other although different ages and sex,3 male,2 female. Generally thro, an older cat tends toward wanting to relax and sleep more so a much younger kitten may well annoy them but even saying that the older cat will probably just find somewhere to sleep thats a bit out of the 'usual' way.If you have some time on your hands to spend with the kitten instead My on of it annoying the older one it may well be fine.My 'one' that does not get on with others will actually get on with all the others some of the time but he can be a right bully and seems to find it 'fun' to frighten and chase the others,and strangely enough it is the bully that has bought in mice and birds for the kitten, just like a Mum cat will do.

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