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Inspiration by example with COPD

Vanessa (also posts here) has a new post on her blog on how others with low, low fev1 do stuff that can inspire us, even if it's only a longer walk, stay active. Someone on some blog called copd 'death by chair' and it stuck with me. We need inspiration and encouragement from others and get off that chair....

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Excellent blog. Thanks for that.


Thank you just what I needed. Sitting here tonight feeling sorry for myself, no reason but I need motivating.


Thanks for posting! What uplifting blogs,will lift the spirits of anyone who reads them,& hopefully get them motivated! xxx


Yes,really need the motivation, Thanks x

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the kick we probably all need occasionally ..... thanks.

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Hi all - It was the Australian chap - Russell Winwood who really blew me away - he is doing Ironman Cairns in a few weeks time - thats a 3.8km swim, followed by 180km bike ride and then into the 42.2km run - just seems insane that someone with lung function between 22 and 30% with v.severe copd can do such a thing - and so far he doesn't even need oxygen!


The chair is the enemy. Keep moving.


I normally would, but I'm 10 days into an exacerbation, on meds and preds so will just have to read about it for now!

What's exacerbation. x

A worsening of your symptoms needtobreathe and/or a chest infection. x

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Thanks coughalot, I used to just call it a chest infection but I' m now trying to use the medical words!

Thank you. The most inspiring read for ages it will hopefully motivate me to keep going which at the moment I am not doing as I think I had given up!

Thanks for that great inspiring post Notlocal! I hope you feel better soon :) huff xxxx

No, all credit to Vanessa (Parvati above) whose blog and hard work it it all is!

Yes, indeed! Excellent. On a day to day basis, we can do exercises at home and then at the gym.

I do Qigong exercises in the morning; a weird name for it, the 8 pieces of brocade (Brocade being silk, that means that the exercises will keep you flexible as silk)

here's the Wikipedia explanation (baduanjin is the Chinese ofr 8 pieces of brocade - I know no Chinese!)

And here's the video of the sequence on YouTube:


Well worth a read ....made me feel so inferior to these strong ,motivated people !!

Well worth a read . I feel so inferior to thes strong inspirational people . Makes you realise what can be acheived,but everyone is different. !

It's for inspiration sue. Not to feel inferior. Some of it makes me sob just reading about it! We all have things we can and cannot do. Yours in breath...

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