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LOX fill instructions or not

Just had LOX (refill) delivered 2 days ago (don't ask)

Just found no "filling instuctions" in welcome pack (reads like do - DON'T pharmaceutical medicine leaflet) Dolby Vivisol website dead loss, but does have pictures of said massive LOX bottle and cassette otherwise - welcome pack.

Should have video filmed the contact training at rear of van !!!! (it has a hoist/crane in rear)

What they don't tell you untill the van turns up, is size /restrictions/access rights, and did I tell you - the "Instuctions" relating to a massive dangerous heavy pressure vessel and it proper use/misuse.

Rant Over ---- Elrond

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Hi - my husband had LOX from Dolby - do you have a Marathon portable? If so I may be able to help.....



Hi Gill

Sorry for late return, phoned help line in the end. Printed out my own data sheet in the end, one for the Dewar and other for welcome pack.

Long story short my wife changed to small bottles and a backpack, lacks/low tech but usable and better for caravanning. Thanks for the interest.

Yours John (G8JMU)


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