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Good morning everyone just wanted to share I'm taking part in more copd trials . I did this last year and the inhaler is now on the market (sorry forgot the name) I'm now trialling a new inhaler and it's quit intensive with lots of blood testing, spectrum testing and ecgs - but it's such a good thing I can do it. I can take days jholiday from work when I'm in London medical research centre. Not only this I have to measure my Pf morning and night so I'm learning more and more about my copd.

I was diagnosed 3 years ago after I quit the ciggies and it's a nasty disease

Just wanted to share this

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  • Good on ya pepparuby. What trial is it and what phase is it at? I wanted to take part in the inhled Cipro trial for non cf bronchiectasis but unfortunately I do not quite meet the criteria. I hope it is successful and will be of great benefit to you and many others with copd.

    love cx

  • Hey I think it's stage two so very early days

  • Ok thank you. Please let us know how it progresses. cx

  • I've put my name down for trials but no offers yet.

  • They contacted me via my doctors where I filled in a form to say I would do them and about for months later they phoned me - I think once you've done one lot they keep you on file but the requirements are very specific sp for This one I had to have moderate copd and female aged over 45

  • Thanks for the info.

  • Well done pepparuby. I've just discovered I've got mild copd so what you're doing is hopefully good for all our futures. Thank you.

  • Hi ,

    One thing I am curious about is , do you have to come off your existing medication to take part in the trial .?

    It wouldn't affect me much as I am largely symptom free . However some suffer serious symptoms which are only controlled by their meds . What happens if they are just given a placebo .?

    You mention ecigs and am interested in how these figure in the research .

    I wouldn't mind talking part but probably live too far from London or any other major research centre.

    I really admire your effort . Sorry if I seem nosy but I am genuinely interested.

    Cheers Coastal .

  • Hey no that's fine I'm lucky because the trial last year was at the London chest hospital and I live in easy London and I also had 3 MRI scans free - chest X-rays to make sure no lung cancer etc so for me it's like having a full MOT.

    Last year I had to drop the spiriva but took my other ventolin and symbicort and yes each time I don't know if it's placebo or not.

    This time the inhaler I am testing I still take all my other medication oddly enough but I have to be there all day sometimes - it's a four month trial and I keep a diary

    And here's the best bit I get paid to do it by the research company ever time I attend which is 8 sessions in four months

  • I had better get some fresh specs !!

    In your first post thought you had said that you had been given " ecigs " ( electronic cigarettes ) part of the trial and half assumed that these were finally being tested. Now realise its "ecgs "as in the heart monitor test which you were given !!

    Cheers Coastal .

  • Ooops yes

  • How did you find out about the first trial? May like to do one/some in the future if eligible.

  • I,m on permanent steroids so probably would,nt be eligible for most trials but would be interested and happy to take part if anybody has a link to pass on?D.

  • If you measure your PF morning and evening have you noticed any improvement and do you notice any difference in your breathing as a result of the trial medication?

  • Hi Pepper I volunteered for trials went for assessment back in Feb but was told I was too much at risk so weren't able to do the trials.

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