No walks for a month and then 2 in 2 day's!!!

No walks for a month and then 2 in 2 day's!!!

Think I'm running on adrenalin fueled by Bluebells Sun and Malvern Hills views. I made it to the top of the Malverns today, Its one of the easier places to get to the ridge but the view is still great from there and there's a couple of memorial seats nicely positioned for those of us who need a little rest along the way.

Once again the hills were very alive with people who have come this bank holiday to walk and see those amazing bluebells and I can't blame them. Yes I snapped a few more pics from various angles under different light and shade trying to look like I knew what I was doing :) . This pic in amongst the trees is my favorite, it sort of brings out the colour and that's coming from someone who was told by the school careers officer 40 years ago that I am colour blind :)

No grit in the eye today :) , my lungs may be taking their time getting up to speed but I'm loving life to much at the moment to notice. Ha Ha.

Tony. Hope you've all had a great bank holiday

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  • Stunning Tony, we have a hill like that round here, but as I havn't been out on my own for over 20yrs I can't get to see them :'(

    Hope your rear is ok to sit on those benches now :)


  • Glad you like it sw, one of the reasons I post these pics is I realise not everyone can get out to see the real thing. Oh yes my bum is healing well the nurses tell me but I'm still on daily dressing/packing for a little while yet. No pain sitting down though, so all's well in the dall camp.

    Tony xx

  • Its nice to hear your out and about again and taking beautiful photos.

  • Thanks Susie, all the resting was doing my head in so its great to get out snapping again. My lungs feel so much better for it too. :)

  • How fantastic to hear you have been out walking I was only thinking about you yesterday so pleased to hear you are enjoying life! Xxx

  • Hi TADAW, things are so much better now the bum has been sorted and I am able to get moving again. My lungs have been giving me problems due to the lack of exercise but I can already feel the improvement now I'm on the move again. The transplant team can't see me until early June so I'm still off the list until then which will give me a little more time to get my fitness back up to scratch.

    Good to hear from you TADAW and thanks!

    Tony xx

  • he's back! :D

  • I am so very very very pleased to be back amongst all the good people on the site and hopefully I can bring a little cheer and positivity along with me too. :)

    Tony xx

  • Lovely photo, looks like a beautiful place to walk

  • Hi thomas, as you can see its a little steep for us around there but if you take your time its amazing whats possible. There are plenty of beautiful places around the Malverns and I'm spoiled for choice most day's.

    Thanks t8.

  • Wow - what a wonderful photo; bluebells are notoriously difficult to capture on film and you have done it. Years ago I had a friend who lived near the Malverns and we walked up there on a very snowy day. That was fine going up and long but when it came to going down there was an ice sheet confronting us. After considering the options we sat down and inelegantly slid to the bottom to be greeted by some very puzzled people at the bottom - after all we were middle aged then!

  • Hi Pentreath, It sounds like you had fun on the Malverns all those years ago. You reminded me of the time when as a child, me and my mates were using plastic bags as sledges on a frosted snow when a news paper reporter was passing by. He stopped and took some photo's (in black and white) and the next day we were on the front page of the local news paper under the headline 'Mod Sledges'

    I'm glad you enjoyed my attempt at snapping the bells, there were so many I couldn't really go wrong.


  • Hiya Tony what a lovely carpet of blue a feast for our eyes.Glad your feeling on top form is good to hear long may that continue.Keep on clicking that camera just love seeing your pics.Keepwell :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane, Its great to hear from you, I take it you've not been on top form like myself, hopefully your well enough now to start your recovery. Longlungs has been gone to long for my liking, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has missed that crazy yet clever way you have with words.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the bells but I did promise you a pic after the daffs and I always keep a promise. :)

    Why don't you fire up Gertie and come along the motorway to Malvern to see them for yourself, that would be the adventure of all adventure's, Jane and Gertie's biggest day out!!!

    Tony xxx

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