So fed up!

I don't often put up my own posts but try to answer questions and answer posts from other people. But today I am really struggling.

Since the pollution issue I have been very sob. On my GP advise I took a short course of steroids which helped a bit but then decided to finish 5 day course. Still feeling really rough. Got another day of steroids and today started some rescue antibiotics. Still very sob and some chest pain. Not convinced got an infection but trying ANYTHING to feel a bit better. Got GP appointment on Wednesday so hopefully she can make any other suggestions.

Plus am fed up and worried from reading about people not getting PIP when they clearly are eligible. I get DLA including high rate mobility and dreading being re-assessed. Without money and Blue Badge have no idea how I will manage financially and to continue to work. Very worried about that because without the benefit my authority will simply not agree to Blue Badge.....!

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  • Hi Bevvy sorry to hear you are feeling so down at the moment. I agree with taking your ab's - it can't do any harm and might do some good. Is it possible to get an earlier appointment with your gp? Perhaps an emergency one? Hopfully you won't need it but you can decide that on Monday. As for your re-assessment I think those who already get DLA stand a higher chance of getting it again. It is changing to PIP though which seems to have a different criteria. Try not to worry so much about it - as my old mum used to say 'why meet trouble halfway?' Easier said than done I know but it's probably a symptom of feeling so low. Is there anything you can do now to take your mind off your worries? Reading a book, meeting a friend etc.? That would help. Hugs xx

  • So sorry to hear you are feeling very down, sadly COPD and Depression tend to go hand in hand, i would speak to your Dr when you see him, i take Fluoxetine 1 tab a day,,call them my happy pills,,Also try not to worry to much about other peoples PiP and DLA failures,,at the moment there are more people winning since Atos left, i have had 2 yr fight trying to get on the support side of ESA,,went to the tribunal on Thursday and won my case,,so now on support group and should have got DLA when 1st applied ,so i,m happy on the outcome..I have a blue badge, my council asked my doc about my illness and was awarded the badge,,you don,t need benefits to have a blue badge,,goes on you and your health,,I hope you really do feel better soon and can stop worrying so much,let us know how you get on,,, chrissie

  • Thanks. Am on lots meds for chronic depression. I only get Blue Badge because I get High Rate mobility. Prior to that my council just refused to even assess me. Despite having GP and consultant support! They just wouldn't shift. Even involved my MP. They are known for being difficult!

  • Thanks. Trying to get GP appointment at my surgery usually relies on you knowing 3 wks in advance that you will be unwell! And this system is changing next month to a triage phone system! MY GP is very good and books me in to see her every 2-3 wks mainly due to my chronic depression.

    Am trying to read - love my kindle! Dreading work tomorrow. Am very busy and daren't take any time off sick. Had 3 months off following op in the summer. So need to be 'well' for next 6 months!

    I AM quite isolated in my current home. Hoping to move to be nearer friends but nothing suitable on market that I can afford and been trying for past 6 months! Just want a ground floor flat (stairs starting to difficult), at a sensible price in area I want to live in!

    Sorry to moan just feeling really rough. Never feel fully 'well' but particularly struggling at the moment.

  • Never apologise for feeling rough,,we have all been there at some stage or another,,also feel sorry for you that your surgery is going triage,,my last one was triage,,was awful,,where i am now is brilliant, and very caring,,i,m a little isolated in this tiny village,i moved to a bungalow from a house,,miss my friends, but not the stairs,,also we have no street lighting here so once dark thats it,,going out even to the pub is done by torchlight,,the plus side is i sleep better than ever because of the quietness and darkness,,the only noise i hear at night is ollie owl outside on the tree,,,hope you find a flat soon,,take care,,,,

  • Really sorry you are struggling Bevvy. I am in the same position re DLA - was awarded indefinite - but it is still worrying. (the cut off point for being 65 was middle of April, 2 weeks before my birthday 1 May) Grrrr! The way things are going looks like it won't be 'till late 2015 before they get round to us.

    Put DLA on the back burner hun and concentrate on getting a bit better at the moment.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    With love


  • hi Bevvy Try not to worry too much about the future at the moment just concentrate on getting your self better. If you are unfit to work then take a few days. Very often the worry of it all will make you worse. I looks like your on the roller coaster and flying downwards you need to be on the up. Try to focus on one thing getting well and going to work. If work is getting too much ask for a short term reduction in hours for a month. See if you could meet up with friends to try and lift your mood a little. I am wishing you all the best and hope you feel better soon. then you will be able to face the other issues with confidence best wishes Irene

  • Hi Bevvy, I'm so sorry that you are poorly at the moment. I do think you need to see your GP and discuss your health issues fully. I too am on DLA high rate mobility and middle rate care and I am terrified at the thought of PIP. However, there have been rumours that the system is not working and those of us on an indefinite award won't even be looked at now until 2017! So work on that basis, put that worry out of your mind and concentrate on feeling better. Can you join any local groups to get out and meet some new people, how about signing up for a class to learn a new hobby. How about down loading a book on your kindle about positive thinking. Mindfulness a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. Try not too worry, I don't say that lightly as I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and have difficulty some days leaving my house. I wish you the very best of luck. Look after yourself and keep well.

    L A x

  • Thanks. I am seeing GP on Wednesday. She is very good but not sure she can do much more for me. My hospital OT keeps on at me that I need to do more 'fun' things which I agree with but even when I am 'well' I get so exhausted by working 3 days that struggle to do anything else! I have joined a new book group and got a meeting there on Friday. But thanks for your thoughts.

  • Those pollution days were a nightmare I went shopping with the wife and I was wheeling and wheezing down the middle and the wife popped up and down getting the stuff.

    I am on Support ESA and have a Blue Badge but when I fill in the forms I send all my heart and lung consultants letters as well. PIP and Blue Badge criteria changed to the new unfair 20 metre walk rule from the old 50 metre rule. Which in reality does not work. My GP surgery entrance is at best 80 metres away from the nearest parking space. So by their rules anyone that goes there would not meet the criteria? My nearest bus stop is a mile away. Without my car I would be house bound.

    I know we all have bad days try not to worry PMA :)

    Be Well

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