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I always find that this time of year can be as bad for me as winter my COPD is asthma based so when the rape seed oil comes into flower and there are an abundance of fields where I live covered in the yellow peril I suffer been very chesty and short of breath this weekend and coughing +++ so advice given previously fro Gp sarted Prednisolone yesterday then in middle of night woke up with terrific pain down left side of my face and sinuses blocked took pain relief and phoned gp this am advice to commence amoxicillin which I always gave as standby and to continue steroids seems like an exacerbation of copd +sinus infection brought on by my allergy to rape seed oil starting to feel better now but will be glad when the season is over.

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  • Hi goldcrest, I absolutely love this time of year BUT I have major problems with the yellow muck and had a sinus infection about 3 weeks ago. We are surrounded by the stuff so i am very nervous about driving anywhere. We have another flowering after about 6 weeks so it seems to be a long season for us. Good luck. :-) Alison

  • Rape seed fields hit me hard too! If I am in the car I can smell them for miles away and it it hits my throat and I feel unwell.

    Not many people know that a number of horses die every year from breathing problems because they are next to rape seed fields.

  • Try the continental is meant to desensitise you...when the honey is ready, buy honey from bees that are as close to the rape seed as possible. It is something the Greeks do for any allergy. My son tried it for his hay fever and it worked. However, you must buy enough this year so that you can start taking it four or five weeks before the pollen hits the air next year.

  • local honey is the cure ..... definately. Brilliant for allergies & hay fever.

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