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Sun is shining

Hi all not been on much for few days. Im feeling so much better drhast kept me on 2 mg steroids and salbutamol and atrovent inhalers. Still coughing but my breathing has returned to normal. Im doing more each day and on Monday i rode my lovely horse Miss Ellie for the first time since last nov due to being ill. I only managed 10 mns but it felt fantastic ......i said to my hubby i feel so happy to be getting back to normal. Yesterday i bathed her and today im going to ride again. I know ill be shattered but to be doing what i love is all that matters to me its great being out in fresh air again. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. Take care and a huge thank you to everyone for your support kindness and lovely comments. Love Judith xxxxx Neigh from Miss Ellie xx

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Glad that you are feeling better tigershay1.

Keep enjoying the pleasure of Miss Ellie, she sounds beautiful.

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Hi, tigershay1, glad to hear your feeling better, you take Give miss ellie a pat for me

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Judith thats fantastic you feel well enough to ride the very lovely Miss Ellie I bet she was as happy as you were.You sound very much better lets hope this is the last of this very long bout of illness youve had for a while.Dont go to potty though eh lol.Really really pleased to hear you so upbeat ,bet you had a big smiling face whilst riding so happy for you.Keepwell and keep improving you deserve a break at last blumming lungs! :) Janexx


Delighted to hear you are getting in so well Judith. It's been a long haul and then some!

It's been a slow crawl back for you so make sure you look after yourself honey and sit a while in that lovely sun and rest too.

It's so nice to see your chirpy blog once again. The girl is back in action!!

Love Sara xxx

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Ah Thank you everyone . Its amazing to be back out and about . My lovely girl has been a total star but spring grass is coming through so she was on her toes a bit today !! We are off yo Middleham on Good Friday as the racing yards have their annual open day for charity .....we will be going to the yard my gitl was trained at and her half brother Almaty Express still struts his stuff. Im also going back to work next week on shorter days phased return. I hope you all have an infection free summer so you can get out abit too. ( For some reason this isnt letting me upload picsso cant show you any) once again many thanks for all your lovely words xxxxxx love Judith xxxxx neigh from Miss Ellie xx

Lovely post Judith. I've been feeling similar. It's such a relief to get some pleasure and actually feel happy. I'm singing that Happy song in my head a lot.

I've got more done in the last 3 weeks than I have in the previous 3 months :D

Good on you to get out on MissEllie xxxx


Great news xxxx

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Great stuff Judith ...enjoy that summer weather there ya lucky thing ...Here in oz the first signs of winter are before us an my first flu ...oh well to be expected i suppose....

Oh dear forget you have winter when we have summer ...remember your manuka honey etc take care love Judith xx

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