Hey chellshock I can do red hair too!!!

Hey chellshock I can do red hair too!!!

When I was on chemotherapy to try and suppress my immune system a good neighbor who happened to be a red head had a spare wig from when she was on chemo some years before. She has a good sense of humor and lent it to me in case my hair fell out. Luckily it didn't so the world was saved from this shocking sight.

I couldn't resist trying it on and of course there was a camera near by. :)

I'm sure your much better suited to red hair than me!!

Tony Goodluck on the 22nd at PR and I hope it goes well on Wednesday

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Can you beat this, Chell?

Lets hope so, I blame the camera lens for this somewhat shocking site. :)

Hey,dall05, that's a sexy look, I,m going to get red hair too. Take care

I'll hold you to that Philbal and then you can post it if your brave enough! :)

Ive put my picture up, but think yours is better Dall

No Way!

Hey Hey Hey, I'm in the room you know. :) I could be very sensitive to these remarks. :)

Put the cap back on Tony!! Unless you are rocking of course!!

Sara x

Yep, I think the cap fits better and the red wig is safely back in the neighbors house. I started wearing that cap in ITU to stop the bright lights on the ceiling dazzling my ulcerated eye and Its turned into my lucky hat these day's, I'm sure I'll be wearing it on the transplant operating table when the time comes.

Tony :) xx

Keep on rocking Tony. x

KOTC once told me to wear some Elvis blue suede shoes on my transplant assessment 6 minute walk. He had me worked out very early on didn't he. x

My nephew had a lung transplant a year and 2 months ago. He leads a normal life now except for the anti rejection pills. He couldn't walk a couple of yards before gasping for breath. It was pitiful to see. He now dances, swims and runs with the dog in the park! So good luck Tony. No one deserves a transplant more than you! Sara x

wow! simply red eat yer heart out!!! bet it was warm under that mop!!! :) xxx

Not sure the Mick Hucknall look is really me but I can certainly relate to his song, 'money's to tight to mention' and I can't even qualify for my pension.

Hmm,looks quite natural actually! xx

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