Went and seen GP following heart ECG results .. Totaly disgusted in he's comments

Went and seen GP following heart ECG results .. Totaly disgusted in he's comments

Following my blood test i.e ression for feeling so ill given a did not appear to have chest infection ... that came back all clear but shown liver enzines anomalies my gp orderd a heart ecg.

My heart ecg came back all clear .. so when i went to see doc i told him since i have been taking antiobiotics he perscribed i have not been as bad.

He agreed with my lung doc i do need to go on antibiotics all the time given my infection rate and virus i seem to get.

Also i asked my gp when i remberd about my short term memory problems and was it normal to have delay in processing things given my condition.

I was quite shocked by he's responce FIRST thing he said was Bronchitiasis as totaly destroyed my bronchial tree HE must of been on a roll no holding back.

Then he was so kind to say it was result of drug taking & drinking and smoking AMAZED as i have never taken drugs in my life APART from what doctors had perscribed I duly pointed out to him.

As far as drinking well NOPE a dont do that unless you count a shandy once a year ... Smoking i held my hand up to BUT i never started smoking till i was in mid 20's but never would i think he would of called me a junkie.

I was totaly disgusted how he could think that " is that what thay think all lung suffers are like" beer drinking smoking druggies

Anyway i pointed out it could not of been all my shit jobs and my x gp who did nothing for nearly a year and whos inaction nearly killed me.

To which he said nothing apart from my short term memory problems and drinking smoking drugs would of caused brain damage and how it could be 100 and 1 things and there is no point investagating it as its who i am

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Surpose thats new NHS or is it COST savings

that's awful and disgraceful,maybe change your doctors, or complain strongly,dont mince there words do thay,xxx but don't listen to them,you no yourself whats what,and keep at them,

Hi twiceshy3 yer he's one doc a see .. think its to do with my complaint with x gp .. the just after bating me so all bite

Problely bit taken back he as to try do is job proper

Thay make me piss am ill becoues of all me drug taking drinking smoking .. But yet again could not be asbostos

I got diagnosed with COPD last year. I had to leave a lung rehab group due to anxiety, and on speaking about it to a GP at my group practise she said those groups were for people who had a bad smoking habit, unlike myself who had actually managed to give up (1999) after 30 years. The point is she didn't even seem to be aware that I had been diagnosed with COPD. I thought that was insulting to the other people in the group and I happen to think the exercise group would have been beneficial for me even with mild COPD. All I am saying is some doctors don't get it right. Had she even read my notes? I think a second opinion might be a good idea.

It's not the opinion you need .same anxiety I had,so I got rid of everyone in my life that wasn't helping me,kept with the positive,people so the anxiety just melted away,I am ready to recover now from all the stressfull times.i am not having anybody shout at me anymore,ignore them.

agree there,xxx

What a helpful reply this is. Why is it there are certain people who always seem to upset you? There is one person who regularly does this, and another who comes round and doesn't know when to leave. I also find Facebook winds me up at times! Next I should seriously consider whether the trainee clinical psychologist currently treating my anxiety with CBT is helping. On the other hand, isolation doesn't help either.

Hi invisable23 yer is hard when thay slander you

Hi cheers bonniedoubleu yep i agree about notes etc .. my doc is just one of ten at pratice BUT am going to get intouch with nhs clinical coms people and my lung doc

Woah! That's dreadful - I think you should be asking to see someone else really. That's awful its neither an accurate assessment of you nor is it helpful. I would advise you ring the BLF helpline and ask their advise - you cant be left with that! Stay strong you have done so amazingly well - don't let this idiot deter you. Take good care, TAD xx

Hi tadaw cheers its not BUT yer is just trying to peep my head .. its thought of him having to do is job proper ..

That attitude is shocking Daz, but all too common. Im grateful that my gp practice isn't like that but Ive heard many dreadful stories. Would you consider complaining to the practice, via the practice manager? You could write it all down as you have here - be polite however angry you are, as what you say will come across as more credible than if you rant (which Id certainly want to do in your position ;) ). Say that you need a gp who isn't prejudiced against people with lung disease and who will listen and believe what you are telling him/her, not just work on preconceived assumptions and stereotypes. As TAD says, call the blf, who I'm sure have advised on this kind of thing before. All best to you.

Hi o2trees cheers yer all have be very helpfull .. Is shocking how thay assume just because had hard time of late with my condition a must be junkie n drinker like hows someone feel when there x gp nearly killed them happy doc needs to get a grip

But yep like you say cant have rant just have to be nice and get my point across


It seems that they are so time constrained now that they do not have time to check anything. The number of times I have been to another doctor for them to give me a quick check with the stethoscope and when they get to my right side, keep checking it over and over for me to tell them I have a paralysed diaphragm which is on my notes! For them to say ahh that explains it then.

My lung consultant had me down that I had a pacemaker from the recent xray I would of thought he would of seen it was not there. They stated I had an EP in 2012 but it was 2013. Most of their diagnosis has been based on my CT scan in 2008 plus my lung function test this year. Even though my breathing has got worse in the last 30 months? I called the specialist secretary and got a response of "well sometimes it is hard to hear what they say" It could be she heard "Fine for days" or "Final Days" So it seems that the consultant/clinician does not proof read either?

Try and keep calm you do not win with anger.

Hi offcuts cheers yep al very true .. Yep i have to keep calm or i hyperventilate just piss me off the toff thay come out with THINK he ad seen is ass .. as my lung doc as wrote to him a few times puting him straight on infections virus etc

I have had dealings with many health officials and am pleased to say most were professional and very helpful.One or two have failed this high standard and I have had to complain .You need to voice your concerns,as others have said calmly and precisely!

Hi farmerD cheers yer am not going to let it slide

Wow! - that was a broadside of comments from your Doctor - I always understood that the first line of the "Hippocratic Oath" ,that many Medical Students take, on qualifying as a Doctor is = "FIRST DO NO HARM " - clearly he's forgotten this sentence , what an utter disgrace .Mind you, your not the only one to have been at the spearhead of uncalled and uncaring comments - a pal of mine who has severe COPD on telling his Doctor he always feel better in warm weather was told " MOVE ABROAD THEN TO A WARMER COUNTRY - I CAN'T DO ANYTHING FOR YOU - YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF ANYWAY BY SMOKING " - Charming !!!! ....needless to say he CHANGED his "Doctor", and perhaps you might like to consider this yourself - Good luck.

Hi Vittorio cheers yer the a disgrace the way thay cary on.

There are others there a can see so will see how it go's

OMG, Daz! Oh seems it CAN get worse! It sounds like my GP practice, and that is no joking matter. Deep breath. Now, he is NOT entitled to level accusations at you nor make stereotypical assumptions about your lifestyle. I would first write to the practice manager to make an official complaint. Then see if there is another doc within the practice who you can see instead. The BLF should be able to help with this.

I think you may also try some lifestyle counselling to see what you are doing that attracts all of the incompetents! :D


Did you see my previous post about cognitive impairment? Try here


"Our findings highlight the importance of COPD as a risk factor for mild cognitive impairment and may provide a substrate for early intervention to prevent or delay the onset and progression of mild cognitive impairment," Mielke's group concluded.

Prior studies have linked COPD, particularly severe cases, to poor performance on attention, memory, and executive function tests.

Chronic lack of oxygen and excess carbon dioxide may damage the brain over time, and systemic inflammation and vascular problems also linked to COPD could play a role as well, Mielke and colleagues suggested.

Hi great reply toci .. Cheers yer going to see other doc and will het intoch with nhs as gp contracts are quite good its just odd gp i have found are not .. Yer am far from perfect but i dont think its me.

think its more x gp and complaint

I know it's not you Daz, it was my attempt at humour - sorry. xx

Daz you need to change your GP he thinks he's God. I smoked till 10 years ago never drink and this week Monday I turned up at a funeral saw the car coming couldn't recognise anyone in the car I got home and the funeral was the next day Tuesday.

Hi onamission cheers yer i went iidb appeal and turned up at wrong place.

Yer its not on the way doc's slannder you when its not your fault

In my opinion if you don,t smoke, drink or do drugs the doctors are stumped it seems all to easy to blame any condition on either /all of these . Really annoys me!

Get in touch with the local health watchh and report the doctor to them health watch is part local authority and part patients they will sort him/her out disgustin person careing profession don't make me laugh

Hi eastridingbigden agree.. will see what thay say cheers

dont they always blame smoking for everything.even when youve never smoked in your life,we must have got our conditions through "passive smoking"? they are far too busy to read our records,they need to get on the golf course etc.best of luck Daz.x

SADLY this is not an uncommon response , many GPs claim that because you smoked you have brought this problem on yourself and you must expect to suffer the consequences, Whereas most of us know that the bigger offender of most lung conditions is pollution of differing kinds , traffic-air- chemicals -foodstuffs -industrial ,etc etc , but it is easier to blame the individual smoker rather than the big corporates , We all know of course smoking is a trigger and yes a big health risk! Today people are made more aware of the dangers thanks to groups like the BLF , but it is not the major cause of all lung disease , Patients are becoming more reluctant to consult there GPs because of attitudes like those above and i find this very intimidating and more importantly unprofessional .

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