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IMPORTANT: Very high levels of air pollution currently in Southern UK

IMPORTANT:  Very high levels of air pollution currently in Southern UK

I guess some have picked up on this by now, but others may not yet be aware. The levels of air pollution at the moment in the Southern UK is very high .... and it's getting worse.

It's to do with the Saharan dust we had in the rain the other day.

If you have respiratory problems it's best to stay indoors if at all possible.

Read this article for more details ......

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Since I am moving that way to Hampshire, not good news. But then I will be leaving the bad air of N.Herts which has been there for years. I wonder where good air can be found??? SMILEY

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Scotland, did me the world of good helped me recover from pneumonia. xxxx

I live in usually clean air Wales, but it looks like it's coming to get me this time.

Last time we had really bad pollution here was about 3 years ago. I was away in South Devon & ended up being carted off in an ambulance.

Unfortunately the Scottish midges usually get the better of me. A bit of warm summer sunshine in the French Alps or The Pyrenees usually does it for me.

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I am in the second highest and ironicaly moved some empty boxes at home and it knackered me.

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I am in the north midlands and the pollution level was very high on Monday, I notice that my breathing is much better on the coast and in west Wales . The DEFRA website and the BBC show pollution levels in the UK.

Just heard on radio 4 news that there is an air pollution warning out....anyone with respiratory problems should be very careful. A mix of Saharan dust, local and continental pollution is causing it, there is thick fog here at the moment too.

Yes, just been trying to access more precise info. for the Bucks area, but didn't find out anything. Trouble with all these reports they tend to be general rather than local. Take care everyone who are in the areas shown on BBC maps.

I woke up with swollen eyes yesterday. That explains why. I don't expect that till the summer. X

My son has hayfever in the summer Mavis and his eyes were all itchy and watery yesterday, I told him it must be something else, it's too early for hayfever! We're in the northwest. Anyway, I will be avoiding strenuous exercise outside without a doubt! Lol! (I'm housebound,ha ha!). xxxx

Hi Libby. It does seem silly this time of year to have Hay Fever. It doesn't surprise me though as lots of silly things seem to be happening in the world today. Extreme weathers etc:. We are in the Southwest so in the thick of the dust storm. X

hay fever from Birch & willow is always bad about this time of year. Try a daily tea-spoon of local honey ..... make sure it's local. It's worked miracles for my wife.

I'll have to stay indoors in wet and rainy Bristol, though according to the map here we're in a moderate (orange) zone. Norfolk's in purple though. Out for lunch, you're on the orange/yellow border so not too bad.

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Cheers for that link. ..... & at least it's not pollution of the corrosive volcanic sulphur type that got me last time.

Pete has a hospital appointment today for injections into his spine and buttock (ouch!) so won't be outside as such and I will keep him in for the next couple of days. Stay well all and breathe easy if you can. xxxxxx

Iv had sore eyes since last fri,I was going out today but have cancelled it,how long is ths libel to last,does anyone know?

British Lung Foundation honorary medical adviser, Dr Keith Prowse, said:

“Heavy air pollution, of the kind we’re seeing in several places across the UK at the moment, can have a significant impact on people with pre-existing respiratory conditions such COPD and asthma, worsening symptoms such as coughing and breathlessness.

“When levels of air pollution are high, people with these conditions, or anyone else who finds themselves coughing or wheezing in times of high pollution, should avoid strenuous exercise outdoors, particularly around pollution hotspots such as busy roads. If the option is available, exercising in an air-conditioned gym or sports hall is preferable.

“If they cycle, run or walk to work, commuting at times other that rush hour or along back streets is also advisable.

“People with lung conditions who use a reliever inhaler should make sure that they carry it with them. If they feel their condition is worsening at all, they should contact their GP”.

And then slightly different news story


I see the red stain on the map and it seems to have missed Whitstable in Kent, I went to the gym for the first time after my illness today. Had a good time (apart from the music. They haven't bought any new disc!)

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Thank you today has been a bad day for me and my symptoms because I was outside for a long time

Well at the sea in stokes bay the Saharan dust is thick on my car, I had to go to get my inhaler as pharmacist forgot(yes I don't trust them anymore) so I had no choice to be put at risk again as it had run out,you only get one inhaler,,,sooooooo stingy.

ha .... I know Stokes Bay - I could probably have waved to you when I lived in Oakfield, at the back of Ryde, about 40 years ago.

Surprised you only get the one inhaler .... I get two on repeat prescription.

Mind you, my dad only got one - he used to say he'd lost it somewhere just so he could get a spare.

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The Sahara didn't only visit the south of England, my daughters car on Monday was covered in sand and we live in Lancashire. The pollution has been very bad here and so has my breathing!! Never mind, carry on regardless.

Me too in South Cumbria with seagull sh...on top. Breathing a bit heavy.

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Wow so it's everywhere the dust,I thought it was fog but no fog horns were going off,the chemist had let me down and forgot to get a new inhaler for me as it ran out and you are only allowed one at a tim( stingy).so I had no choice but to struggle to go out to get it ,as I couldn't breathe anyway,I decided not to yell at the pharmacist ,but to get rid of all the people and things that stress me out and cause great to another chemist were I am treated better,done away with mental health nurse with exersizing ,thought she could shout at me,,,,oh nooooo you don't! So do my exercise at home and enjoying myself,walking along the beach too.struggling to eat what I can,I have educated myself, and now I don't need anyone's bad attitude towards me,sorted!

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