just came in the post now,

due to advice on the forum i was advised to phone the oxygen company, for a back bag for the portable cylinders,, face masks, just in case their needed,, and ear protectors [ears still sore, broken out now]

pleased to say, i got the bag some time ago, and just now this minute,,,,,,12 ear protectors, two face masks,,,, good service isnt it:)

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  • you are brave. well done

  • hi heho,, im always brave,,,,,,,,on the phone ha ha :) best regards heho, hope things are improving,, jimmy

  • Good for you! TAD xx

  • hi tads,, yes quite pleased with myself,, the ear protectors are quite good,,,,[,i had to order "large size :) lol] thanks tadow,, regards jimmy xx

  • Who is your oxygen supplier?

  • hi morrid, on the cylinders its says,,BOC MEDICAL,,the seem to have been good really,,jimmy

  • hi tumbledown , yes, i think the steroids i have been on too, havent helped , the skin has broken out slightly now, but i find these things really good, the lugs still a wee bitty sore, but ok really,, i can put my reading glasses on ok,,,, [still cant read though lol :)],,,, no their fine actually,,,regards jimmy

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