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I.v. Antibiotics at home now

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Yesterday afternoon was 4 hours in hospital, only patient in room with 6-7 nurses etc. First talked about insertion of line, apparently it has to go over heart. But none of them knew my heart on right as result of my PCD, so I gave a quick short “lecture” about immobile Celia, little hair like structures that line lungs, sinuses etc. Suppose to wave about and when in mothers womb cilia are suppose to wave about to put bodily organs into correct place. Staff then had to rethink how to set up line, apparently it has to go above my heart, which is on right, so my line is in right arm. First doses of two antibiotics administered there to see if it was all ok, after lot of bleeding initially. It was painful but better today. First home visit was at 8 last evening, then first today just before 7am, and then about 1 and 8 this evening. Feel bit tired today, but managing to do domestics etc. Fingers crossed that those nasties are starting to know they are no longer welcome. Sorry this rather long update, more when appropriate. Best regards, Jean x

17 Replies
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Good to hear from you Jean and pleased you’re home now. You certainly know your own body so were well able to instruct nurses in hospital. Hope all continues to go well for you. Take it easy.

Best wishes. Carole xxx🥰💕

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Morrison10 in reply to sassy59

Thanks for your kind words, yes just as well that at age 87 can still describe condition born with!! Best regards, Jean xxx

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Awe Jean you couldn’t make it up, they didn’t even consider someone with PCD migh5 just have situs inversus. Bloody hell.

So glad you are getting on well with them. What abs are you doing?

I wish you well sweetheart - each day a little nearer to kicking the, IAssume, pseudo uo the bum.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon


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Morrison10 in reply to cofdrop-UK

Thanks for your kind words. I’m on Meropenem 1g and Colomycin, not had before, it’s some years since last had I.v.s. Yes I’ve got pseudomonas, Maltophilia and few others I’m told joining in the party. Hope you improve and surprise everyone by how well you are. Good luck, thinking of you, Jean xxx

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cofdrop-UK in reply to Morrison10

Please don’t forget Jean you are doing hospital from home. Lots of nasties and heavy duty meds still have an effect whether at home or in hospital. So just trying to remind you to be extra kind to yourself and not try to push to do non essential stuff that can wait.

Love and hugs


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HollyBoyd in reply to cofdrop-UK

Well said cofdrop xxx

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Perhaps they’ll consider taking you on as a training consultant 🙄 Glad you’re home. Take care of yourself (someone has to) 😊

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Morrison10 in reply to Stratos20

Yes that would be interesting!! I’m taking care of myself, resting. Jean xxx

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I’m glad to you’re home on your I’ve antibiotics. It’s good you are able to move around rather than being stuck in a hospital bed! Please let us know how the antibiotics go.

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Sorry to hear you are having problems with these nastly little buggers Jean and hope the ab's work quickly for you. Take it easy and rest up as much as you can, thinking of you x

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Oh. I hope that you are already feeling better and that the ABs are working for you. Try to take it easy during this as the domestics will still be there tomorrow.

My best wishes


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GOOD NEWS my respiratory physio, who has been treating me since January 2020, has just been and says lower lobs of my chest were today clearest she’s ever heard them ! three cheers, sounds like the new antibiotics are working, even after two full days. Nurse came at 6.45 this morning and is due shortly, takes about 40 mins each time. Jean xxx

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cofdrop-UK in reply to Morrison10

Great news Jean. Really pleased for you. Onwards and upwards. Take it easy lovely lady. 💕💕💕

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I nearly missed your post Jean as it's a day old. You sound really positive and that the IV is doing okay and you are feeling the benefit already. So pleased you are kicking the blighters into touch. Well done. Take care and keep us updated. love & hugs you deserve them xxx ❤️

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Morrison10 in reply to HollyBoyd

Hi, thank you, no worries about missing my post, takes time to read them all, I’ve missed some and try to catch up when have chance but never fully do so! Yes I’m very pleased at the quick Improvement, hope it continues and all nasties have been killed off. I’m trying to rest as much as possible, even Nebulising gives me an hour to sit down twice a day. I’m not doing anything that’s not really necessary, really miss my late husband, we helped each other, had been together nearly 60 years, had never lived alone until he died.Thanks everyone for kind words. Love and best regards Jean xxxx

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HollyBoyd in reply to Morrison10

You are doing great Jean, keep up the good work. Have a relaxing weekend xxx❤️

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I'm awestruck. So glad the nurses listened to you and that the antibiotics are already taking effect. Hope all continues to go well. Best wishes, Chris xxxx PS 🎂🍨🍨 A party cake for you, not for the soon to be expartying nasties, and ice cream for the hot weather.

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