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Right antibiotics

I have recently taken 10 days of my rescue clarithromycin and 10 days of steroids I then did a sputum sample last Tuesday on Thursday call from doc to say it shows an infection but he said as I was feeling a bit better to leave it a while.

Monday went to see doc about a different problem but asked what was the results of the test she said it showed Pseudomonas, she listened to my chest and said it was not too bad and she would see me again on the 18th March and to do a sputum test the week before so she has the results.

This morning feeling awful so called my Respiratory nurse who said I should have been prescribed Ciprofloxacin for the Pseudomonas as Clarithromycin won't touch it and she is sending a colleague around this afternoon with a prescription. (Thank goodness for the experts).

Why don't the Doctors know this, surely it should flag up on the computers what antibiotics are suitable.

I could have been waiting for another 2 weeks.

On the downside, the prescription was delivered not the medicine so have had to ask someone to get it for me.

Roll on better days.

polly xx

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Cipro has a great reputation. Unfortunately I'm allergic to it. Hope you feel better soon M x


Hope you feel better soon Polly its very surprising it doesnt show up on their computers it does on my gp s i only know as she was going to try me on a different drug but it came up on her computer it didnt go with one drug im on already. Hugs to you love Judith x


Oh Polly what a nightmare. Thank goodness you rang your respiratory nurse. Wishing you a speedy recovery TAD xx


Well done that resp. nurse. Get well soon Polly xx


wishing you all the best ,get well soon pollyji,xxx


Pseudamonas is a bug which is 'in the environment'. Many people have it on their skin, in their nose etc. but it does not affect them. I guess your GP was being guided by the fact that you were feeling well initially. The second sputum test was her being thorough - to see whether the pseud load had increased.

Pseud is an opportunistic bug. It often flares up in the space left by another bug when that bug is killed off. Ciprofloxacin is the best drug to deal with it but needs to be prescribed with caution. My pseud is now resistant to cipro so I need iv abs when pseud rears its head.


Hope you feel better soon,take care,you have so much on your plate.Thank goodness for that nurse,they sometimes seem more switched on,than the Doctors! xxx


Hoping you will soon be feeling a bit better, all the very best.X


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