Motown and treadmill fun with a little heavy breathing :)

Click the link and sing and dance along if you wish. Try and ignore the old geezer huffing and puffing doing a six minute walk test at 3 mph on 8 liters of oxygen. He's a bit passed it ain't he Ha Ha

Tony. Make your exercise fun healthunlockeders :)

(you may have to drag it into your browser)

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  • Fantastic, just fantastic! x

  • I am a genius, I did it!!!!!!. I'm live on You Tube. sorry about that :) Musics good though ain't it and it takes your mind away from that seemingly endless spam stuff that's going 'on and on and on and on'

    Tony xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hey Tony Just brilliant and I loved all yer little tricky moves you were in the groove .absolutely loved it. :) Janexx

  • Thanks Jane, bit of fun wasn't it and I passed the test of uploading a video to YouTube and transferring it to this site. Kept me busy for a few hours and gave you all a laugh watching me suffer. :)

    Why don't you try a six minute movie called the adventures of Jane and Gertie, could be a best seller.

    Groovy Tony xxx

  • well done. I really enjoyed it. You do have great moves. M x

  • Them move's are burning calories and helping to make exercise fun. Motown takes me back to the local disco's that have long since disappeared thanks to yobbish behavior and vandalism.

    Glad you enjoyed the moves M from that old guy whoever he is :) xx

  • Tony, you are a super star, & wow, love your treadmill :)

    Couldn't watch it all, I,ll Pm explain, but way to go fella, amazing, you put us to shame!

    Karen xxx

  • On the same list as Michael Jackson Moonwalking on youtube - busting a move my gran daughter informs me when my moves are quite busted. Redefines the word fun into something your impressed by as you say must be doing some good you will be Dancing on the Ceiling soon.

  • Hey Tony I can't get in please help me. Xx

  • You should only have to double click the blue link in the post. If that's not working then copy and paste the link into your browser and get ready to be motowned and amazed :)

  • Oh, well done! Applause! x

  • Its a laugh and we could all do with that couldn't we. I'll take a bow to your Applause, Thanks :) xx

  • dal05 please help me get in to see I feel left out. Xx

  • It seems to work ok from my end from a PC, The link is from You Tube, what are you doing and have you got a PC?

  • Tony I'm on an iPad I click on the cross and it says subscribe? HELP! Xx

  • Hey' maybe you have to pay to see me on You Tube :) . I don't know how i pads work,can you get you tube, maybe you have to set up a free account. If all else fails there's facebook.

  • Any luck yet? x

  • well done hun,xx

  • Thanks flowers89, I find exercise easier with a bit of good music on. xx

  • am so impressed....inspired me for a challenge of a visit out today, thanks.

  • Its colder than it looks out there today so wrap up, I'm off out too. Going to see Hereford Utd v Wrexham with a mate so it seems I've inspired myself too. :)

    Enjoy your day out JK, we'll both be tired later but it'll be a good tired eh.

    Tony xx

  • Hi Dall05 well done as you know I tend to take to the water as my exercise but I'm thinking of trying the tread mill at our local gym. x

  • You can't beat swimming for exercise but I needed to have something at home and easily accessible. We decided on a treadmill even though it takes up most of our dinning room. Its been a good investment so far as the whole family are using it, everybody puts me to shame with their speed and distances but they had better look out when I get my new lungs. :)

    Give it a go om, it certainly helps with those walking muscles and works the heart and lungs to. x

  • Will do we have a new gym installed at our local council run place where I swim

  • Sounds great, silly not to take advantage of it and new equipment to, Your 'mission' if you choose to except it is to do 20 mins at 2 miles an hour for a starter.

    Good luck :)

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