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A plea to newbies

If you are new herewith a new or not so new diagnosis, have any questions, or just need a bit of support, PLEASE don't be put off by the huge amount of weird and troll messages we are being bombarded with at present. This site is not normally like this and I am sure it well be sorted out soon.

There are lots of wonderful people on this site with various lung conditions who between them have a lot of knowledge and are very supportive.

We would love to welcome you properly as soon as this nonsense stops.

With love cx

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I would endorse all you say, cofdrop. I am surprised not a word from the mods. They could at least send us a message. We love the forum. I have taken the precaution of leaving my email with one or two people.

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Hi sweetheart

The moderators have left a message hun - not surprised you missed it among all the gobbledegook stuff at the moment.

Don't worry it will get sorted.

Love cx


Cofdrop is right folks it is just a temporary glitch. The BLF and Health Unlocked will no doubt get it sorted before long.


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Well done congestion.THEY ARE A PROPER PAIN IN THE BUM.

Newbies welcome. Just wait until BLF software problem.oh tree. If urgent contact number are at top right . Hope. This BERWICK xxx


That's a good piece of advice Cofdrop


Well said my little friend. M x


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