River Severn Flood Picture's and another day trip to the hospital

River Severn Flood Picture's and another day trip to the hospital

After my Hospital Visit today we popped into Worcester and took a few pics of the Severn Floods. The swans seem to be loving it. Click on the link below to view.


(Not sure why but some old photo's that I have posted seem to be mixed up with the flood photo's, me at the top of the Worcester Beacon and a rainbow I snapped.)

Anyway the journey to the hospital was much easier today than yesterday so this time we arrived 1 1/2 hours early so we had time for a pub lunch. Well it sure beats waiting around the hospital trying to dodge all the bugs they have on offer.

Some of you may know that I have been suspended from the lung transplant list until a blummin abscess on my bum has been sorted. Well the day of reckoning arrived and after being passed from pillar to post I have finally got to see the consultant specialist who has decided that its the knife for me. I will have to have a general anesthetic which will involve a higher risk of complications because of the condition of my lungs. He said a high dependency ward or ICU would have to have a bed on standby as a precaution for after the op so it sounds like more fun and games for me.

I told him I am well known on ICU as I was their longest stay record holder but hopefully I won't be paying them a visit again. It took them 2 1/2 months to get rid of me last time :)

Next step is a chat with the anesthetist and things will move quickly to get me back on the transplant list as soon as possible.

So once again I find myself in the hands of the hospital experts so I will go with the flow and with their skill and a bit of luck I'll be back on the transplant list again in the near future.

Hope you enjoy my photo's on the link.

Tony. Stay warm all healthunlockeders its getting cold out there.

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  • Great photos Tony! My daughter went to Uni there so saw a few floods but never as bad as this. At least the sun was out for you :-) Hope all goes well for your next trip and you get back on the transplant list very soon. X

  • Thanks mapal, I was snap happy with my trusty little coolpix and thought some of you might like to see them so I practiced my skills at finding and transferring links, it seems to have worked. The sun was shinning but it was pretty cold out there, the good thing was my breathing held up very well and I feel this is down to the hard work that's been put in on the treadmill.

    All I've got to do is get this abscess sorted out now I'll be back on track. :)

  • Going with the flow with all the flooding like the pun good luck and some extra hope from all your hard work.

  • Thanks Tinman glad you liked that one and I could do with as much luck as I can get at the moment.

  • I know I am but what do you think of the photo's. :)

  • I shall be sending the rubber ring for after your op because you will probably need it :) I had an abscess upon my sit upon many moons ago; laughing helps :D xx

  • It sounds as though it could be a little sore for a while after, oucha!!. At least the treadmill doesn't aggravate things like my exercise bike would so I am having no problems there but I'd best get an old car inner tube ready then for post op period.

    A positive thing about the treadmill exercise is that my walking around Worcester today came easier than I expected, even in the cold.

    Thanks for your humerus sympathy. :)

  • Anytime my dear, anytime LOL :)

    I went out today too and had to park further away from Wilkinsons than I would have liked but managed it really well despite the wind which considering only been on the treadmill for a week is bloomin marvelous! The worst thing about the abscess when it is excised, is the size of the hole which they pack with antibiotic wadding. Not wishing to alarm you but forewarned, is forearmed, when they take it out to repack it the first time, it will not be pleasant. It gets better after that, honest. xx

  • It seems our efforts are beginning to bare fruit, slowly but surely were getting fitter. :)

    This abscess of mine sounds as though its going to bring with it a whole lotta fun, NOT!!

    Thanks for the information, hole, wadding, not pleasant GULP!! :)

  • Hi tony great pics. Saw the double rainbow too. Being back on the list is a good result through all your efforts. Take care not to pick up those nasty infections now. X

  • While in the hospital there was plenty of ducking and diving with lots of hand gel rubbed in. Glad you enjoyed my pics Steph x

  • Hi Tony. Have they not sorted that abscess yet. I thought you would be on that list by now. I wanted to put a picture of a willow works on here but didn't know how to do it. We sometimes go across the levels to get to Taunton. We go through Burrowbridge which is very much in the news at the moment. My son put up a picture of a willow place where they make baskets. It's right alongside the road just past Burrowbridge. At the moment all you can see is the roof. We think the water must be at least eight or ten feet deep. It has flooded many times before but never like that. X

  • The wheels of abscesses turn very slow it seems but were finally getting something done at last. Of course that is if the anesthetist is prepared to give the go ahead when he see's the state of my lungs.

    I can't imagine what its like to live on those Somerset levels with all that water hanging around for months, I live on the side of the Malvern's so no flooding problems up here but I can look out of the bedroom window to see the river Severn growing day by day in the distance.

    How's things with you and your husband?

    Tony x

  • Hi Tony. Since he came out of Hospital my Husband is a lot better. He is eating like a horse. I'm sure it's the steroids. He can't walk far. Just to the loo can be too much. The Palliative care nurse has offered to get him one of these push along commodes. It's quite a bit smaller than a wheelchair. Purely for pushing him round in house. To the loo or bedroom. He is having none of it and says he will walk. I'm afraid one day he won't be able to and will be stuck. To think when we went to Taunton he was walking everywhere. I hate to think what the floods are like now after all the winds and rain today. Can they not do your abscess while you are awake. They can give a cesarean and replace hips and knees with a local anaesthetic. I would have thought that a better way of doing it. Perhaps there's a reason why they can't do it that way. It would solve the problem. Hope it happens soon for you. Mavis.

  • I do like your attitude to life Tony. Properly refreshing. As for the abcess - ouch. my uncle had something similarbut it was a hair that had grown inwards and just carried on growing! You are in the best hands and its great that you will get this done and hopefully get back on that list.

    marie x

  • Thanks Marie, when I was first told I had this abscess around 8 to 9 months ago I never imagined how complex it could be. The GP put me on antibiotics and I thought that was it, been on them ever since only to contain things. I seem to be getting to the sharp end of thing's now so lets hope Mac the knife has a steady hand eh' and were back on the list soon.

    Tony xx

  • Think that's what you call a real pain in the backside!

    I know it's a bit of a bummer but once they've dealt with it you'll be back on that treadmill fighting fit ready for your transplant. Sorry for the puns!

  • I'm still walking on the treadmill but the exercise bike is a No No!!! :)

  • we'll soon be walking on water Tony :) ;)

  • We'll have to BC, luckily I'm high on the side of the Malverns but the winds been trying to remove the roof so there's no escape from mother nature is there.

    Driving to pick my son up from the station last night something in front of me didn't look right. Wow! it was car headlights shinning through a very large fallen tree. That was a bit to close for comfort so I'm not going out again unless absolutely necessary.

    Stay safe BC.

  • oh heck, that is not good, its so hazardous driving at the moment, what with the pot holes an all, and of course if we do have to drive through flooding on the road, there is no telling if or how deep that pot hole might be hidden beneath the water. You stay safe too Tony.

  • Hi Tony glad theyve got to the bottom of it now. :p You are a marvel keep the good work up,how well you have done you must feel very proud of yourself.Happy days my friend. :) Janexx

  • Like you Jane, you take what life throws at you and then push on. At least I can walk pain free, sitting on a Gertie could be a different story though. Gotta count my blessings eh' :)

  • What did Forrest Gump say "life is like a box of chocolates " Indeed Gertie is great for giving the internal organs a little work out,and botties.keep walking pain free is good.Damn nuisance for you all the same.Onwards and upwards my friend. :) Janexx

  • Oh Tony hope all goes well for you and the op procedure, please keep us up to date with this. Here to wishing you every success :)

    Great pictures Tony and a pub lunch on your trip to the hospital, that can't be bad :)

    Take good care, keep dry, keep happy and breathing easy.

    Best wishes BC

  • You'll be glad when this is out! I have don more stand up and sit down, 25 of them, sprained my lower back muscles!I can still use the other muscles at the gym! Keep you bum high!!!

  • Well done helingmic, 25 sit to stands is no mean feet. Don't push yourself to hard though, as you have found out the muscles can complain a bit.

    Its great that its not put you off exercising and that your still getting to the gym.

    Tony. keep up the good work

  • Great pics ,pleased to hear the treadmill is doing its job, good news the op is going ahead, Then its the transplant and you will be on the up, excellent news, thinking of you,x

  • Its early day's yet but the treadmill certainly seems to be a good investment so far. Glad you liked the flood pic's js.

    Tony x

  • Thanks JS, Buying the treadmill was a pretty shrewd move, what with the weather an all. It was my wife's idea and I've got to say I was a bit sceptical but now boy am I glad I listened to her.

    I'm just about to do my daily torture, 30 mins of estate walk simulation to Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, 'come on Thunder Child!!!'

    Tony x

  • Ooh young Tony,you will probably be sleeping sunny side up!

    This is a real bummer for you(excuse the pun!)

    Getting serious,I wish you a quick recovery,& let's hope the ICU bed stays empty.

    Just longing for you,to get back on the transplant list very soon.You have worked so hard for it,bless you.xxxx

  • Hi Wendells, don't worry I'll get myself back on that list but I may have to suffer a little for it. The abscess isn't giving me too much trouble but the transplant consultant said it could get much worse when they lower my immune system with the anti- rejection pills.

    Your right about the ICU bed but its nice to know it'll be there as a backup eh'. If they see me coming through their doors again after the trouble I gave them last time they'll be the one needing life support. :)

    Tony xxxx

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