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Hi, few weeks ago said I went to doctors, still having problems

Not sure what to do.

Doctor have put me on brown inhaler, said to give it couple of weeks two work been on for a week but don't feel if it's working atm, but my work place is starting to be a problem as it make me cough when a person is printing cups he is using thinners as that makes me cough and when I go out side and should there be smoke that make me cough just getting worse, if I get in the car start coughing and out of the car this has been going on far to long getting no where with doctor also have tried the blue inhaler and that did not work, but they could be right need to give it more time, that is over a year now with this cough, been told to go back to doctors at end of February feel it to long maybe. Am not coughing up anything as it's a dry cough at the atm, but feels like there something in the chest think my lungs are not to bad but if I breath in it ok but if I breath out quickly start coughing get a discomfort in my chest but not tight. What should I do.

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Are you able to ring the BLF helpline while you are at work on Monday to ask for advice.

The brown preventer inhaler does sometimes take a time to have an effect, have you told your gp about your work conditions?

As you say the end of February is a long time to wait...have other tests been suggested?

You can find the helpline number on the BLF website. Good luck

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1... the brown inhaler takes a while to get into your system, I was told up to 3 weeks - is it Becotide? What ever it is it's really important that you're taking it correctly (I was using mine wrongly for 3 years grrrr). Medics often prescribe & leave you to it. Make an appointment with your practice's repiratory nurse to learn to use it correctly. Using a spacer ensures you get 50% more of the medication into your airways. If you arent getting meds right for you then it's like using a pin to crack a nut. Different inhalers have different ways of inhaling - some fast, some slow & controlled.

2...... you'll have to avoid inhaling the thinners & smoke somehow. You need to learn to be strong about this (it's taken some of us several years to do this to the detriment of our health). Personally I cannot even go near smokers in the street without holding my breath any more (& I'm mild to moderate in the winter).

3... knowledge is the key, have a look or send for all the BLF information about the different lung/airway ailments under the heading of COPD and others (there are several). The more you understand the more you can stand up for your self.

4........ remember medics are paid from the public purse therefore you're entitled to decent treatment, a proper diagnosis and the right medication to manage whatever condition you yourself have. If I had my time over I would pay (somehow) for a private CT scan for a diagnosis instead of waiting a whole year of shilly shallying.

5 ...... call the BLF, office hours asap for advice on how to move forward 03000 030 555

6..... welcome to this wonderful site, you will pick up lots of information (it may seem like gobbledy gook now but it gets easier as long as you dont put your head in the sand), lovely lovely helpful people here & at BLF

...... all the very best to you, I sincerely hope you get sorted soon :)


Yeah I have moderate asthma but in spring and summer it becomes severe. I usually takes a week for brown inhalers to work . But on the up side it's nearly spring everybody


I know how you feel I've been on a brown inhaler for over 2 weeks it took me about a week to see proper effect I got the inhaler because my asthma had been bad. But now my symptoms are redused


Sorry for got to say how long I was taking the inhalers been taken them 5 weeks, stop taking them today, no change, still coughing about the same but might notice a bit more in a few days time from not take them


see how you go without but be sure togo back to doc if you get worseor if you think you might have an infection.

It could be it was the wrong inhaler for you. Good luck and all the best :)


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