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Bernice's Story - about her double lung transplant - this may be upsetting for some people, but give hope to others

... and may help many of us realise we are not doing so bad with our lungs after all....

A patient who received a lung transplant told ITV News it was "the best Christmas present."

This is Bernice's Story, Click on the video from this page:

Bernice who was born with cystic fibrosis, was on the organ donation waiting list for 15 months and admitted she thought the transplant would not happen.

I found her story very moving and I am wishing her a full and long life. Such a young age to go through so much difficulty.

Daz's post reminded me of Bernice when he spoke of finger clubbing. You can see toward the end of the video on the page (link as above) how badly the clubbing on Bernice's fingers were as a result of lung disease.

Keep well all and breathe easy.

Best wishes BC

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So heart warming I hope she goes on to have a great long life.

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Yes me too, she deserves it.


Very touching. Thanks for the link.


Excellent, whish her well, very positive indeed!


Sad but wonderful story. Pity everyone with life threatening lung diseases couldn't have lung transplants. We all know though someone has to die for that. It's just not possible. X


What a wonderful spirited young woman Bernice is. So happy for her the operation went well and I wish her a long and fulfilling life. When I saw her on tv before Christmas it reminded me of another spirited, inspirational young man Alex Stobbs who has cf and whom a documentary was made on channel 4 a few years ago. Through all his struggles he was determined to conduct the Magnificat at Eton and went on to Cambridge and perfored the St. Matthew Passion. It got me wondering how he was now.

I wasn't going to watch it at the time but it really was very uplifting and positive.

Two wonderfully inspirational young people and their fantastic parents and medical teams.



Wow what a remarkable young man cofdrop, marvellous spirits both these special people have, I do wish them both all the very best and hope both fulfill their desires and dreams. I think ~Alex is achieving so much already, I am so please they both are feeling the joy of doing what they can. :)

Just wonderful, thank you for adding these videos here.

Best wishes BC x


Wonderful stories.

From wikipedia -

Stobbs is in his third year at King's College where he studies music. Whilst focusing on his degree, he plans to start up an orchestra under his direction - The Stobbs Scratch. He also has a rock and roll side project The North Lounge.


That's great to hear Toci. cx


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