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Still here, not banished yet. Had a great phone called during my exile from the group. The PR group at Ilkeston Hospital has phoned to say subject to a successful appraisal, I will be on the PR course starting on the 11th Feb. So very excited. I did the course 3 years ago and got so much benefit from it. So I've got a couple of weeks to sort out my Wii fit and other bits and bobs so that I can build on the course. Find it almost impossible to exercise outside due to the weather, temperature or lack of it and during the summer, the traffic pollution around here. I've also just received my Power Breathe Medic in the post and so I will have a read up on it and when I start, I will post my progress and feelings about it...if I am still allowed on the site.

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You from Ilkeston then Brian? I live in Old Sawley, Long Eaton.

Enjoy your course.I have just completed mine and feel so much better. I have now been referred to the gym for further exercise subsidised by the council and nhs just 1.50 per session.

Realy pleased for you Brian,good way to start the New Year! xx

When I recieved the phone call, it was like a second Christmas.

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