Summer holidays

Hi I would love to go on holiday this year bearing in mind hubby is registered blind and has very bad mobility, I think we would have to ask someone to take us there and leave us for the week.

I would love somewhere where we could sit outside and look out at beautiful views or even the sea, so hubby could pop in for a nap in the afternoon and I could soak up the sun.

Where we could stay all week and not have to go out except maybe to a pub next door for our meals. (or maybe even stay at a pub with beautiful views), (or a farm) or has anybody got any ideas or is it just pie in the sky.

polly xx

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  • I do wish i could advise you, Pollyjj. I know exactly how you feel. I miss the holidays I used to have with Brian all over the UK. I am sure that this question has arisen before and no doubt someone will come forward to advise. I keep thinking of a B/B. Self catering comes to mind. I presume you can drive. Best of luck to you and husband.

  • I miss holidays too. I can drive, but nowadays if I drive more than about 30 miles I suffer the next day with the muscles in my arms and back.

    I think I would have to ask son in law to drive us in my car as hubby can manage to get into that o.k.

    polly xx

  • Well pollyjj, this dream you have is not pie in the sky. Many bus companies now have hoist equipped buses for wheelchairs and do take poorly sighted passengers, most hotels have downstairs rooms and there are many disabled friendly accommodation if you can get there by your own transport. Best way to do it is chose a place you would like to go type in name in your search bar then when the webpage comes up request disabled friendly accommodation in the search bar, even abroad has disabled friendly holidays as they are called. Hope this helps you, good luck xx

  • what part of the country would you like to go to Polly? There are lots of places that you describe, would you like self catering, hotel etc. etc.? Let me know and I will have a look through hubby's mobility brochure. Pat

  • That's very kind of you Pat, probably Weston Super Mare, not too far from us and the air is so good for me. Not the place it used to be I know but it is all on the flat as well. I would love to have a balcony that we could sit on and see the sea. Where did you get your mobility brochure from?

    polly xx

  • Three links to keep you going. We go to Weston sometimes if we fancy a long day out as we live in South Somerset.

  • Yes you need a holiday, I'm sure if your husband is registered blind there will be places for you both to go on holiday, best of luck.

  • Hi pollyjj,

    Try calling tourism for all on 0845 124 9971

    They are a charity, based in the Lakes I believe, dedicated to making tourism accessible for everyone.

    Best of luck,


  • Hi Polly, links below could be worth checking out for you:

    Age UK page - limited mobility and care holidays:

    Home Away - holidays for wheelchair users:

    Holidays for the Blind and partially sighted:

    Hope you find something suitable.

    Wishing you happy Holidays :)

    Let us know what you find.

    Best wishes BC

  • Have no suggestions for you Polly, but it's a lovely dream and one I hope you will be able to fulfill. I am sure with help from some of the members here you will be able to sort something out. Libby x

  • Wonderful idea Polly! I'm no help with the UK bit I'm afraid,but looks like you have some great suggestions,from our friends!

    Do hope it all works out for you both,I'm sure you both deserve it,& will do the world of good for you both good luck,Wendells xxxx

  • Thank you everyone there are loads there for me to go through, I knew you would come up trumps you always do, you lovely people.

    This will keep me busy for a while.

    polly xx

  • The RNIB have several holiday destinations that cater for the blind and partially sighted, my mother is blind and has a holiday every year. I think there is a card you can get that knocks money off the price too.

  • I was a volunteer for guide dogs I boarded the dogs in the last 18 weeks of training I know of a hotel in Llandudno which is geared up for the blind it is over the road from the peer and Llandudno is all on the flat hope this helps

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