I'm aiming to be the fittest person on the lung transplant list in 2014

I'm aiming to be the fittest person on the lung transplant list in 2014

Today I've ordered a treadmill so I can continue walking through the winter months. It was in the sale at Ar*os so I thought now's the time, and dare I say it, my wife said she wants to lose a few 'OUNCES' too.

Now where's that large Toblerone my mum bought me for Christmas, well it takes a few days to be delivered and I'll need some energy from somewhere eh.

Hey lets all get fitter together in 2014, we can do it with a little positive thinking!!!

Tony :) Just call me coach if you like, the Healthunlockeders personal trainer, and by the way the Toblerone tastes great.

Oh yes the dog in the picture with me is Bron, she's my Dads personal trainer

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  • Good luck with everything.

    Happy healthy new year.

    Kim xxx

  • Thanks Kim, I'll make the most of 2013 with chocolate and booze and then buckle down.

    Have a good New Years Eve.

    Tony xxx

  • Wishing you the very best of everything for 2014.

    Frances x

  • Hi Frances, Thanks very much, you have a good one too. :)

  • Have the best new year, dall05, enjoyed your message xx

  • Lets hope 2014 is the best for us all pergola. Until then lets make the most of 2013 eh'

    Party Party Party!!! whew! just typing all that got me out of puff. :)

  • You won't want to take the backward step of training me.......We dormice sleep all winter, so your first task is to wake me up and keep me awake long enough to exercise. But while I have my eyes open, hope they sort out the boil on your butt and happy new year.....Dozy x

  • Hey superwoman, your doing just great. What we gotta do next year is try and improve from where we are now whatever level that might be. Your first year is all about survival, as it was with me and now its time to step it up and move forward.

    What we need is a cat to chase this doormouse into shape, eek!! ok maybe something not quite as drastic as that. 2014 is a good year to end the hibernation early and start working towards easier breathing.

    2014 is going to be the year the national grid don't take a dip when DD switch's on her concentrators.

    Coach Tony. :) :) :) :) :) xxxx

  • You're looking fit here Tony.

    Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy 2014 xx Peeg

  • Looking good young Tony! I'm sure Bron is enjoying training with you! Good luck with the treadmill,sounds a good idea,& keeps your lungs out of the cold air!

    Ah toblerone

  • Here goes the iPad playing up again! Was just going to say,toblerone reminds me of my Gramps,I'm sure he had shares in the company!

    Well I hope you & the child bride enjoy your walkies,on the treadmill! I'm so glad you said ounces,or you may have been locked out at New Year!!

    I do wish you & family,all the best,fingers crossed,you don't have to wait to long,you have been so diligent,in exercising etc,they won't dare say no to you!!

    So lots of positive thoughts,across the miles,

    Love Wendells xxxx

  • Excellent get fit get lucky and get well.

  • Thanks Afralung, I will be greedy and hope for all three :)

  • Hi Tony, I could do with a personal trainer, had my treadmill about 6 months now and at the beginning it was great but like most things I rarely (never) use it now, will be trying to get back to it after the new year, now I have my oxygen it should be easier.

    Sorry about your sit up on, hope it heals soon and you will be able to sit up on it comfortably again.

    polly xx

  • Sounds like a good idea Stitch, that way we'll all suffer together. :)

    Happy New Year to you

    Tony xx

  • Hi Polly, Its time to dust off the treadmill turn up the oxygen and walk walk walk back to fitness. You will find it easier with oxygen, I have to have mine on around 6 liters when exercising but it helps you to keep going longer.

    We all know exercise is the best thing for us but it is pretty uncomfortable to do, hey ho what has to be done has to be done.

    Thanks to my bum problem the exercise bike is parked up for a while :) oucha!!

    Happy New Year Polly.

    Tony xx

  • Good luck Tony with your keep fit for 2014, Happy New Year to you, best of health

  • Happy New Year to you Katie. Lets hope for a good one eh' :)


  • Happy New Year to you erbd and yes I will keep smiling as I am a happy drunk and I may have a few tonight. :)

  • Well done for getting your fitness sorted out for 2014 I have two four legged trainers Harvey who is a black lab and Holly who is a yellow lab they are the reason I keep going its them who get me out of bed every morning knowing they go for a walk.

  • Great way of keeping fit as they won't let you go without a daily walk will they. Happy New Year OAM Holly and Harvey. :)

  • Good look Tony

    I am aiming to lose the final half stone I need to lose to get my transplant assessment and then to carry on and hopefully be too fit to be on the list! If you get my drift?

    We have a 5 month old puppy and the best exercise for me is getting her out and walked which I love - so I am hoping this awful weather will get lost and I can get her out and about again!


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