Hi l managed to join the day the advice line closed for Xmas. Duh! I am still trying to find my way around as its the first forum Ive joint

I would like to share my story to invite any advice. I was diagnosed with COPD three years ago, but I already knew my smoking was slowing me down. I was put on Salamol and Atrovent inhalers and although I cannot walk a long way without catching my breath I accepted my lot. Then in September the nurse at my annual review added a Seritide inhaler and I had to return after a month. I told her it made me feel ill and gave no extra relief. She then changed it to Symbicort, which had no side effects but again no benefit that I could tell. She has now given me Qvar and Oxis ( in addition to original inhalers ). But once again I cannot feel any additional benefit. I need to see her again....but where will we go from here? Before anyone asks.... although I have cut down a lot I am still smoking, and before anyone else says it..I know I am an idiot for doing so!

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  • Hi, we all know you need to stop smoking but eh that is easier said than done, just keep trying. As for medication there is lots available just make sure you see your respiratory nurse. BLF helpline is a really good start and they will point you in the right direction. It is good here to ask others questions that sometimes you feel silly asking the medical profession. SueE

  • You are right seyre. I need to speak to BLP when they are back from holiday. Thanks

  • Just my thoughts really - I would usually give a new drug a few months - unless I was having nasty side effects or they were making me feel worse. I take seratide and seem to remenber someone saying it is a long acting drug which builds up in your system - but if it was making you ill then its no good.

    Perhaps you need to see your GP and ask him/her to review your meds. But, I do need to say this, if you are really worried about your breathing......stop smoking. Prehaps then you will feel the benefit of the drugs.

  • I take your point happyfeet about giving drugs a couple of months but what can l do when the practice nurse makes an appointment for me in a months time. She then asks if it is working, if not she gives me a script for some thing else and l am back out the door within a couple of minutes.

  • Welcome siestasue! You know what you've got to do lady! I just wish I could suggest an easy way to do it but, like many others here, it took me many, many attempts to give up (four years next month) and when I eventually did it was just too late to make much long term difference, although it helped quite a lot. I've been offered different inhalers now and then and never get on with them, I probably don't give them chance enough but the desire to breathe overrides experimenting with inhalers! I use Ventolin, Symbicort 400 and Spireva,along with Uniphyllin tablets and carbocisteine to keep any mucus from being too thick - that's when I suffer most, when I have too much mucus blocking my airways and it's an ideal breeding ground for infections to get hold. Good advice from Seyre and Happyfeet, phone the BLF helpline (red balloon top right hand corner, local cost call) or keep on at your gp/nurse. It's important that you are on the optimum meds for you. All the best. Libby x

  • Thanks for your info Libby. I don't have any prob. with mucus just my breathing. I see people on here talking about FEVs and other stats. I don't know what they are talking about! Maybe like you say l should start asking questions of the practice nurse.

  • Hi Siestasue, I can't help I am afraid as I have Pulmonary Fibrosis not Copd. However I can advise you to stop smoking. I was diagnosed a year come November, and was determined to stop for my health's sake. However I wanted to get Xmas out of the way and my Birthday in January. It will be 4 years in February since I stopped and I felt all the better for it. Try the Nicorette Inhaler it worked great for me. Good luck with it and all the best for 2014 everybody. Cheryl

  • Hi Poppy, I have had every stop smoking aid known to mankind including Champix tablets. I am a lost cause. I can cut down but not stop, but l know l should.... its that last bit of willpower!

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