A xmas horror story

A xmas horror story

Ad like to something nice about xmas NHS and out of hours GP servives.

BUT on fourth day till xmas we called out the out of hours GP service ...

For some help with a relative that was falling and not with it HE come and dished with some pills and went of saying the next day he would send out THERE own GP

The next day no GP turned as out of hours DOCTOR had not botherd notifying there own GP

That night a ambulance was called to a suffer with pneumonia and multi organ failular and rushed to AE where thay waited 2 days for a intensive care bed.

Point of this story is could this horror story of been pervented a think it could ...

2 days wait for a intensive care bed is a joke and out of hours GP service well it says it all when thay cant be arsed referring you to a hospital

Please make sure your health care provider and your out of hours gp services is not selling you short or deciding who lives or dies

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  • Happy Christmas, Dazxxx. BIG HUGS.

  • Hi thanks

  • It is a lottery isn't it where your post code is and bupa, all the very best Daz.

  • Hi rick1 is shocking and defo should not be ... Anyway cheers all the best

  • Yep you are quite right stitch ... Any sign of patiant questioning there logic diagnosis results in being prescribe valium or anti depressants .

  • that happened to my sister after us screaming for advice ,we took her ourselves to hospital but infection on her lungs was to advanced ,this will not happen to me,been there,thank you for the post,xxx we all must help each other no matter how small or trivale it may sound to others/to us its like a race against the clock,thank you for the post, please keep posting,best wishes xxx mam sister and me,

  • Hi twiceshy3 defo agree and yep not going to do that to me .. My idea of help is information and treatment

    Doctors is valium well no that is not going to happen to me .. Gp Doctors are full of it and to be honest thay know nothing about so called pneumonia

    If anyone is in a bad way .. Ask doctor for transfusion as pneumonia is sepsis i.e un controlled infection being spread by your blood to other organs

    Thats how you get multiple organ failular ards

    Unless we start asking right question thay will always try to rip us of and treating us like fools

  • This is becoming more and more of a problem as NHS resources struggle to keep up with the growing population. A two day wait for intensive care is ridiculous. We need to stabilise the population and then grow the NHS to cope with it. We will shortly have a further influx of people from the new EU countries but I have seen no preparation by the NHS to deal with these increasing numbers. As I see it we need to either reduce immigration for a time or spend a lot more money on the NHS. I can see neither of these things happening and things are bound to get worse rather than better.


  • Hi phillips1 yes you are quite right .. Is shocking i was under inpresion when you go in as a emergancy blues twos from emergancy ward to icu not left in general ward to die

    A dont know what is going on but is defo not nice

  • this is so true phillips1 has i often think the same

  • Hi Daz. I've never had a problem with the Dr or ambulance apart from a Paramedic who had too much to say. We have always found if the Dr doesn't come out they will ring you. We have had the ambulance out many times for my Mother my Father and Mike and they have always turned up. My beef is the long wait in A and E . It would be nothing for my Mum and Dad to go in at eight o clock and not go to a ward till four o clock in the morning. I wouldn't leave until I saw them settled. It's no fun driving home fourteen or more miles home at that time. X

  • Hi mavary yes waiting round A+E the pits

    Last time a was there 4 hours a waited in A E and hassled with drunks wanting to be your friend and to even get there took ambulance 30 mins well for it to turn up car response guy took me in the end

    And that was for heart breathing problems ...

  • Not very good is it Daz? X

  • Hi mavary no things are not good .. esp when life depends on it

    Cheers thanks all the best

  • Oh how I agree with all the comments on the NHS subject, it is definitely failing it's patients, but what can we do it seems the funds go elsewhere not on treatment and care, in my opinion

  • Hi katieoxo60 you are quite right .. a think its sll to do with these teaching hospitals a know private hospitals are very efficient and control student doctors properly yet public ones are in chaos ..

    Cheers thanks

  • Hi Daz we are suffering a similar thing at the moment about 10 years ago our local hospital joined with one up the road the local councillor who lived in Tenerife was on the PCT board and thought it would be a good idea if we joined taking on a £17 million debt this hospital we joined had no place to extend the maternity unit is not fit for a dog to deliver pups yet they still demand that the services we have should be moved to them. We have a new hospital built some 20 years ago people's health is suffering because of this we were told if we needed a consultant in an emergency they would send one, its never happened my husband no end in NI he also pays tax on private health care which is company policy and then we £120.00 excess every time we use it this world has gone mad and it all started when councillors poked there noses in the NHS.

  • Hi onimission would agree about MP's

    Cheers thanks

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