Singing Healthy?

You see this come up quite "singing any benefit to your health" so pull up a chair and I will tell you my story.

At the beginning of November this year, my daughter in law started a choir at a local church. Me and my beloved went along to support her and join the choir. I have severe COPD, angina and at the moment am having treatment for two cancers, so not enjoying life to the full. However, putting my best foot forward, I went. I've been to four rehearsals and last night, we were part of the churches Carols by Candlelight. The building was very warm and soon came very packed. The heat, the candles and the various body sprays, perfumes, after shaves and my nerves were not condusive to a relaxed evening but I hung in there. We opened the evening with Slade...Were Hanging up .etc. Went really well. Two more items later so time out for singing with the congregation. Here we go again. Boney M "Mary's Boy Child"...certainly one to lift the spirits and then finished it with a lovely quiet carol "Oh Holy Night". They were all well received and I've got to say, we sounded better than good, brilliant. Comes of singing from the heart not the voice. So why am I taking up your time?

I am here to tell you that no amount of medication, nursing or anything else could have given me the sense of achievement, that "great to be alive feeling", or peace and happiness. So the challenge is out there. When I think of the way I have had to change my life around because of my health, I can try new ventures and start to develop hobbies and interest that I have done before.I've gone from motor bikes and walking to mobility scooters, from y fronts to incontinence pads, from gardening to photography and painting with the rest of my life still to come. Praise God. Now, through the choir, I have new friends and people that will pray for me. Thanks for reading and lets all start looking forward to not what we can't do but what we can do....a bit like PIP I suppose but friendlier. Merry Christmas and an adventurous New Life.


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  • Wonderful what you did and have done, good advice so never give up eh!

  • As the RAF saying goes "Nil Carbourundum" I think....which means "Don't let the b#st'rds grind you down..I think.

  • What a lovely story Brian ,all the best xxxx

  • Your story warmed my heart. Regards Mandy

  • Inspirational, cornishbrian :) x

  • Good. My motto is now "I can try anything I like until they put me in the wooden overcoat".

  • Hi Brian Great to see it's not getting you down what a super outlook you have with life i get dragged down but like yourself I come out fighting, all the best for next year, Matt

  • Thanks Matt. I'm please I've got a name like Brian . I wouldn't want to be anything someone might walk on. Have a great Christmas and get ready to kiss ase in 2014.

  • Hats off to you Brian, it sounds so good I may start looking for a choir to join(even though these inhalers have ruinned what little voice I had) Have a joyfull Christmas and a healthier New Year.

  • My inhalers and powders and potions make it hard at times to croak out a few words but those few intermitant words of mine mingled with everyone elses to produce a good sound. It doesn't have to be a choir, it could be something you do at home as long as you do something otherwise you become very self focussed and inward looking. Have a great holiday and see whats on the horizon.

  • Always believed we can do more for ourselves than doctors can do for us the future is in our own hands.


  • I'm with you on that one. Life is like a can only take out of it, what you put into it.Merry Christmas.

  • Brian, I really appreciate this event. There have been a few such groups in my area of NE Kent. I love music.

    My uplift is the gym where I get all my muscles moving. keep your lungs filled with a song from your heart!

  • Oh, good for you. I couldn't do the gym...I'm allergic to the smell of sweat...especially mine.

  • Well done Brian, would love to be able to sing but they pay me not to! Even the shower curtain tries to run away and all the water escapes onto the kitchen floor, apparently through the ceiling. Still it's better than the violin plating where the neighbours beg me not to. And everyone wonders why Dozy sleeps a lot. Have a lovely Christmas love Dozy x

  • Thanks for the Christmas greetings. My voice has been trained up barb wire but it does say "Make a joyous noise to the Lord". Nothing about being nice to listen to or being in tune. Years ago, my eldest daughter brought a guitar home from school to learn to play it. I persuaded her to swap it for a clarinet, which she did. Then she asked me "Why?". I said that she couldn't sing along with a clarinet.

  • just stepped out of shower after using oxy to finish bathing feeling low as a busted flush,afterwards i read cornish brians post and realised that i am more fortunate than some.I am a 7 year veteran sufferer of emhysema.Good luck mate. bengunn.

  • Well done! Enjoy! Have a good Christmas

    Sue x

  • An inspiration to us all and a good thought to take us into the New Year. Good on yer and have a great Xmas.

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