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Hiya everyone, just a quicky to say me, Lilian and the dogs are doing ok out here in the Algarve. We moved the van the day before yesterday into a sunnier spot so we can now sit outside in the sun from about 09:0 to approx 17:30 ish, this period is getting shorter as we near the solstice, and I havn,t got a clue as to what the temp is but in the sun its good enough for t shirt and shorts. Health wise its all a bit of a mix up, I definitely feel better because of the sun, but every now and then I get a sharp reminder of whats happening inside as I am left suddenly struggling to get my breath, although I am doing more energetic type things eg walking the dogs anything up to a quarter mile or more. I think I saw a response to my last blog from someone who said that they ould love to do this but were too scared, PLEASE, PLEASE DONT BE, I was absolutely petrified before coming over here, thinking about all the things that could go wrong. As my darling wife Lilian says , this is an adventure, we are too fond as Brits to always accept the negative instead of looking for the positive. I was told by my GP shortly before coming over here that taking into account my abilities to walk without rest and all the other factors , that I was coming out on the wrong side of stage 3 to 4 Emphysema, thats scary, and could have put me off doing this, BUT as they say,"L IFES TOO SHORT", And Ive decided that if mine is going to be shorter than it should be Im going to make the most of it!!!! Going to bog off now and have a beer, catch you all nextweek. Take care, Keep waarm, love to everyone. BOA TARDE.XXX

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Good to hear, Chris, that you are enjoying the sunshine, with Lilian.I think you have a wonderful outlook on life. I could use some of your positivity in my life. Moving house is the hardest thing, but good things once it is done. Moving to be near daughter in the New forest. Happy Christmas to you, Lilian and the dog x




Need to finish that - Fantastic to hear your adventures. Continue to enjoy them. Thinking of you xxx


Think it might have been me that said we were too scared but on the other hand wanted to do it. There is a reason we are scared, just before hubby was diagnosed he had been unwell with a cough and slightly breathless but the GP said he ok, so being stubborn off we went to Denmark. Had only been there a couple of days when he started to become really breathless and by day 5 he was so bad I called an ambulance and they admitted him to hospital and it was the doctor there who found that he had been in contact with asbestos at some stage in his life. The rest, as they say, is history. So glad that you are doing ok and enjoying yourself.


Great to hear from you and glad everything is working out. Shorts and T shirt? I am seriously jealous!

Lynne xx

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Ahhhh! The Algarve! How I wish I was there! Sitting out in the sun in tee shirt and shorts! I AM SO JEALOUS! x


How wonderful, so glad you are having such a good time and the weather is being kind to you, its blowing a gale here today and not very warm either.

Take care.

polly xx


Greetings Chris,

Its so good to hear from you and I am so pleased you are enjoying yourself in the Algarve, I am thinking, you will have improved coming out on the right side of Stage 3 and 4 emphysema by being away from the UK Winter for sure and enjoying some warm sunshine in the Algarve :)

By the way if there is an offer to the Algarve of buy one get one free can you count me in on that :D

Keep enjoying yourself Chris, keep well, keep happy and have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Best wishes BC.


Great News, Enjoy, Look forward to your next update.X


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