Ecigs and its Fluid

Ecigs and its Fluid

Having thought anout my condition .. a have given efags lots of thought.

Having studied my aunt who is in to put it blunt in worse nick than my self.

Who as been choping away on ecig fluid .. A most say as far as fluid on the lung go's it could help with fluid pneumonia

But is no good at stoping infections seems to be prity good at masking them tho i.e dring out your chest.

But it not al hreat news as i have noticed that things she could rember and do with her phone she cant and that her memory is not as good ..

So after carefull thought i have reached my conclustion

The ecigs must as well as drying out your lungs dry out your brain too

Scholar articles refer to it as brain shrinkage and no amount of B12 will stop that.

As ecig fluied contains formaldehyde it is linked to brain cancers and dis coloration now i have also noticed on pictures my aut skin couler is a lot darker so a think concensos is true.

But as with my condition and a lot of others its what will get you first ..,,

But as you can see am glad a dont have strawberry ecig juice

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  • Oh dear how wrong you are!! I know several people who use e cigs, their health is much improved since ditching the real fags.

  • While it is true ecigs do help, I have not smoked a real cig for almost a year now thanks to them...............I have to give a warning.

    I have not been on the site for a while as I have felt tired, sick, not sleeping well etc.

    I HAVE NOW CUT BACK ON THE ECIG, and although I do feel a lot better I am still not sleeping well.

    I believe that the ecig is the cause of this and have now moved on to patches.

    It is too easy to substitute real ciggie`s with ecig ( any flavour ).

    I think withdrawal symptoms is preferable to any side effects of ecig and I will endeavour to give all forms of smoking, vaping and patching up.

    Moral....................there is no way of avoiding the temporary discomfort to achieve a healthier short cuts.

  • E-cig..............Brilliant ! If you are serious about stopping tobacco,many years I have struggled to stop the tobacco ,,,E-Cig was the only thing that helped me,it makes sense,that's why you can't get one from gov. They dish out crap..waste money as usual. Anyway I could breathe normal it changed my life instantly,you will always get people who complain about everything,so try for your self.

  • Hi Daz :)

    I have to agree with Brook 12 - I have been using the e-cig now for 37 days ! I've noticed a dramatic difference in my flem coughing fits as they seem to have disappeared ! I can't remember last time I used my spittoon or had severe coughing fits - in general I feel my life has improved dramatically . I know it's not all down to the e-cig its because I ain't smoking the horrid weed with all the chemical s ect thats in a normal fag.I started of on the high nicotine now sm on medium strength but choose the menthol ones so when it's time to quit them I can pop a menthol sweet in my mouth ...

    My family and friends have said my complection has improved am looking a lot fresher more colour to it ! then again maybe thats down to me getting out more with my mobility scooter all the fresh air . <3 Angie <3

  • I don't know where the idea of taking in fluids comes from. It is an extremely small amount of vapour. Cigarettes cause all sorts of health conditions but it is the smoke that causes the lung conditions...nothing more. To some people, smoking is a social thing ans e cigs have kept up that social side....we all need social contact. The worse part of giving up smoking is going out for a social pint. Nice summers day and I should be taking in the ale and fresh air, I am taking in second hand smoke....some you win, some you loose.

  • Oh dear, I was going to put a question on about Ecigs, because I have been using them for 2 or 3 months now. I stopped smoking 'proper' cigs 10 months ago, and feel physically much better for it, but because the nicotine craving got soooo bad I chose to buy Ecigs, and they have helped a great deal. I know nothing is completely safe, but I haven't had any unpleasant symptoms with the Ecigs, I wouldn't know if they interfered with my sleep because I don't sleep much or well anyway, never have. There are for and against Ecigs, but I rely on them some days more than others, and I am hoping that one day I can stop them altogether, but not yet do I feel ready. I have no cough now, and i am hoping and praying that I will not get bad chest infection this winter like I used to. I am in the UK now for the foreseeable future, but have been in Spain for the last couple of months, and I am fortunate to be able to go there when I want , which helps because of the fresh air and warm weather, (even in winter).

    I wish all the best to our friends on here.

  • sheedog, I think you should carry on with what feels best for you. of course, one cannot generalize as to how well ecigs are accepted. But if for you it works, You carry on. since you can warm your body in Spain during the winter cold, that's even better!

  • E cigs are to help people stop smoking, they were not intended to be a long term replacement for cigarettes.

    scroll down the page for information on E cigs here:

  • Agreed :)

  • here is the Ash briefing about Ecigs Daz if you are interested (its a pdf document)

  • thank you for these informative links - I was especially delighted to see the ASH report coming out so favourably for ecigs. I am currently using them to try yet again to give up the evil weed. I have found in using them before that the nicotine levels are unreliable so would like to see some regulation as to content. The other study does not seem very thorough and interestingly there is no change in air restriction for those with COPD.

  • Oh that's awful Stitch, hope he is ok now.

  • That is so not good stich .. Hope is feeling better.

    I use my efag to show lung infections am still the boss .. But apart from that a don't raly use it

    My Brian must be a peach colour think strawberry bit much but is quite fetching .. :)

    Hi BC thanks for link al have a look First have to look at stuff about lungs being made of skin and how your pigment clour can predispose you to cancer

    Anyway thanks for all the answers :)

  • Don't agree with people smoking these in public places

  • Well, Holly. I disagreed with my father smoking, but he replied rudely that this was his only pleasure in life. He was a bully. For this reason, when I was 19 1/2, I left home.

    Quite honestly, if this is a treatment, you cannot really disapprove with this!

    I take lots of medicine, but do you disapprove.

    My mum used to say, "stop taking all this medicine" I asked her if she wanted me to die, of course not.

    Ecigs are not cigarettes truly, they are a remedy. If you see people chewing gum, or having patches. Do you disapprove? I would feel encouraged if I saw someone really trying to give up.

  • Daz I would try anything to get of the cigs I gave up 8 years ago with chamix good luck

  • My only concern is that I am a nurse and I don't agree with nurses smoking them on the ward, also I saw someone in church

  • Hi i smoked between 40/50 fags a day when I found out I had emphysema i stopped at once, but craved nicotine so I went on to e-cigs and never had a fag since. That was 4 months ago, my breathing has become much better and the craving has nearly gone.

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