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Hi all you lovely people, and straight to the point, my endoscopy went as well as that can, a very long wait, then a very quick procedure, and then the results. Whoopee hooray eureka and all the other words to celebrate, not a bloody thing wrong, all clear, and I even have three pictures of my inside now, might even pop them in a nice frame. Yeah, as I have a nice frame now, after taking a picture of some lowlife scumbag out and throwing it in the bin befor I left today for hospital. Thanks for all your kind words of support, kept reading them while I waited the two hours to be seen. After it was all over I went for food, lots of it, as I had been nearly nine hours without, boy was I hungry.

Befor I go now I must tell you my thoughts after today. Having an endoscopy is now on my top ten list of things I would rather not do again, and defiantly on the the list of don't put that in my mouth. Ha ha

Cheers to you all, going for a wee drink now, and will raise my glass to all of us just because I can. June xx

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  • Wonderful news June. Cheers.

  • That news has made my day June. I was a little anxious for you this morning.

    KOTC xxx

  • Cheers to you too ! Xx

  • You must be so relieved, I had one a few years ago and like you after the procedure all I wanted was something to eat.

  • Yeah big pizza big coke big bowl of salad, and then a visit for a large portion of ice cream and chocolate. Yummy yummy.

  • What can I say Steamtrain,your brilliant! Im raising my glass to you cheers,happy days for you now. Onwards and definitely upwards nothing standing in you way .An absolute clean slate a very good place to start living your life!You most defo deserve this celebration.So happy for you.:) Janexx

  • Fantasic news for you enjoy you celebration

  • Very good news! M

  • Excellent news, steamtrain, not the pleasanter examination to have. They found a hiatus hernia which I live with with medication. Love Annieseedx

  • Good news for you. xx

  • Great news, hope you enjoyed your feast.

    polly xx

  • Hi June, Brilliant news you must be delighted, You are probably suffering a wee bit now even a wee hangover maybe, Good Luck, Matt

  • Fantastic news June! I would agree about the endoscopy but at least you know how things are now. Take care and good luck to you. Happier times ahead. xxxx

  • That's grate news June, A load lifted off your mind, sending you my best, Heather X

  • That's the spirit :)

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