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Just to say thank you

to all of you who very kindly replied to my previous posts on flu. I really appreciate it. Just a quick update finally gave in and went to doctors yesterday afternoon. Was still coughing and wheezing for England and very sob. She said probably no infection (thank goodness) but need a course of steroids to clear it. Have started those already so hope to feel better soon. She also gave me a prescription for ab's just in case the steriods didn't clear it and because it would be weekend in a few days. Bless her! And bless you all especially those who replied to my short lived second post!

To all those who are poorly at the moment I hope you are better very soon. Best wishes and breatheasy.

Bev xxx

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Defo need to take them am just finished course of nasty yellow ones .. So think all give striods ago as its still on my chest

Hope it clears for you all the best :)

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Thanks Daz. Are you feeling any better after finishing your course? Hope you are.

Bev x

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Nor all my lungs sore but having been coughing up more of me lung scabs with those asbestos fibers ..

Suppose better out than in but ye not as bad but still bad if you know what i mean ... Mine trys to clear then my brothers kids come round with there germs ...

Never ending really

very sorry your not well yet,keep up the meds,if your not better chase your dc up,soup is a good thing if your not eating well,my prayers to you and other suffers of your conditionbernicexx

Awe hope you feel better soon Bev. Rest up and look after yourself xx

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Hope the steroids do the trick Bev and you're feeling better soon. Sadie xx

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Hope you are soon mended. x

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Get well soon Bev. xxxx

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