Todays the day I get a translation of a hospital letter

I had a letter from the hospital that says "Tests showed significant CD4 lymphopenia (165 cells/microl - 320 -1500) negative HIV serology and raised neutrophil numbers" Well that really helped and explained it all !!! So this morning my GP is going to translate it into 'Patient English' . I try to avoid using the web for answers, but this time I weakened, most of it was even harder to understand than the letter. It also says my resistance to tetanus is below the protective range, I assume they use this as a guide as most people have had the tetanus jabs.

So if anyone has come across this one I would be interested to hear from them


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  • Hi Maurice, I cannot really be of any help at all but just wanted to wish you well and hope you do get a satisfactory explanation as to what it all means from your GP. Thinking of you. Take care. xxxx

  • Sorry, can't help. I hope your doctor's translation puts your mind at rest. :)

  • Have absolutely no clue - sorry but hope that the doctor is able to help you and don't forget the helpline might be able to advise. Good Luck TAD xx

  • Hi, am not really up but there given your imune systerm white blood cells work out taloring drugs for your condition and to help fight infection the higher the number the better your are lower the number the worse you are

  • Lymphopenia defined as too few white cells, maybe due to fighting a cold or infection recently?

  • can't help with most of the 'medspeak' but I was told my tetanus jab needed updating after a blood test showed my 'tetanus was low'. You should have another tetanus jab every 10 years or so, apparently.

  • Maurice @~?@{}?><@{}?><@{} I hope that explains things for you.


  • Thanks guys, the doctor says if the consultants wrote letters in English instead of using two paragraphs to say they would rearrange an appointment, we could perhaps understand what they wanted. It would appear that one of the tests showed I needed a tetanus shot, the other showed that my thyroid might be slightly overproducing one type of cell (probably the result of long term infection and the dreaded steroids). So nothing to worry about. In six weeks they will run a blood test and see how my immune system copped with the Tetanus shot.

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